5 Important Tips to Make Money While Living in London

London is one of the largest and most important business centers in the world as millions of people use the resources of capital to pursue their dreams. People all over the world come in for big smoke and take attractions and try to make a living out of vast opportunities. The potential is endless in terms of the number of jobs you can apply for as a significant portion of the UK economy is located in the Southeast, so this is actually one of the best places to make money. However, if you already have a job and don’t have enough money to spend a little extra for yourself, it can be hard to find a job that fits you within 9-5. That’s why we’ve worked hard for you, and found five great ways to make more money in London.

New Year’s Event Staff

As a London player, you know how busy New Year’s Eve is because millions of people around the UK and within the city gather on the banks of the Thames to pick up crackers and dance all night. But to coordinate the operation, a small army of police and event personnel is needed, which is where you can set foot. Wages for people working on national holidays are usually double or triple, which means you can get a nice holiday bonus if you decide to work in London on New Year’s Day. If you want to apply today, seasonal and New Year jobs are listed here.

Winter Wonderland

Within a month, London’s Winter Wonderland Hyde Park opened its gates, welcoming thousands of ice cream parlors, bars, German beer halls and mullet wine experts. The Central London Festival has been running for several weeks and currently hundreds of jobs are being advertised for the big event. Running every evening of the week and weekends, you can earn extra income just like Christmas rounds. Winter Wonderland is ideal for students in London because it is based in the heart of the city, meaning transport links are ideal.

To see all the openings,click here and apply now.

Museum Night Work

As businesses diversify their offerings and see new services and products being offered in the growing consumer market, some of the UK’s most popular destinations are beginning to follow suit. One such place is the Natural History Museum, which focuses on the luxurious environment of Kensington. The museum is one of the most well-known places in London, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. However, in an effort to increase engagement with the exhibitions, the museum has begun to hold exclusive night events, allowing visitors to see all of the historical treasures in the dark. Also, you can now enjoy a sleepover in the large hall and another night under the skeleton of a blue whale! Now, as you can imagine, staff for extra events have to work outside of normal working hours, so if you want to spend more time in the evening, this may be the perfect opportunity to earn extra income and increase your knowledge of the natural world.

To see the latest vacancies, follow this link.


Across London, there are thousands of sports games every day where amateur teams play each other for the fun – however many take it very seriously! But all of those games have to be kept clean and fair, so there is a referee for each game. Because the pitch is so small, if the game is like 5-a-side football the referees simply have to stand in the side row, which means you can earn a nice little pocket money to blow a whistle a few times a week. There are football leagues all over Camden, Shore ditch, Embankment, Brixton, Club, Acton and London, so it is not difficult for you to find a job.

Email info@5aside.com for more information.

Search Facebook for Odd-Job Groups

Facebook is a different and exciting place and platform is more likely than most people realize.  Facebook groups are a resource that you can use to your advantage, especially by using your localized searches. For example, if you live in Wimbledon and want to make a little extra money, you might want to look for a ‘Wimbledon Community Group’ and find a group of locals who post odd jobs and items for sale. There are thousands of these London-based groups, and joining as many as possible means you will come to Cherry to do some great work if you have the time.

Posted on: 12/04/2021

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