6 Ways to Get Cheap Food For Student

One of the most important spending of a student budget is food. It is important for students to eat cheaply on budget. We cannot live without food but sometimes it becomes difficult to manage food on a tight budget. One of the easiest way to save money on food is to take your food from home. You can make many tasty, simple and easy recipes with few ingredients in a short time. But sometimes it is not possible, so you need to find places, where you can find affordable food and the ways through which you can save on your food.


1. Use Your Student Card

One of the most important things that can reduce your food cost is your student card. If you have card, then use it. Many restaurants like Pizza Hut, Pizza Express, Bella Italia and Frankie & Benny’s offer student deals. They are prefect for exam treat, gathering with friends or even a date as they offer discounts and offers especially for students.

Whenever you get a discount always look at the bottom of your receipt where you will find customer satisfaction survey, on completing the survey you will get discount for your next meal. You can also check the loyalty card schemes and deals of your favourite restaurants to get more discounts.


2. Online Discount and Free Stuff

We love to grab items that are freebies, especially students. If you are in search of treat but do not have extra cash than search on free stuff websites for free food and drink. You can see sites like student money saver where you can get free vouchers, student’s meal deals and food trail packages. You can get a deal on milk shake, hot drinks pizza and other items. Check the site for more information where you can get an idea of an affordable meal with your mates.


3. Compare the Rates

Before going to shopping check the price comparison websites to compare the rates of the products you want to buy. An alternative of the comparison websites is that you can join Reduce your supermarket price community on Facebook that has 200,000 member and you can take help from any member to conform the price of products before leaving home.

Many supermarket wars have been slowing down the prices of products this year. Projects like, Tesco’s Aldi Brand Match and the Asda Price Guarantee help students to take the most benefit from the student loans and you can increase your savings more when you use coupons with these schemes. Other discounts sites are also working hard to provide discount and offers to students. So there is a greater chance of getting a good deal.


4. Make a List Before Shopping

Before buying groceries make sure to make a list of all the items that you will need in the upcoming week and which items can be kept for a longer time. Make sure you make a list of the ingredients as this will decrease the chance of false buying and save the wastage of food and will save you a lot of cash.

Before you go to the supermarket next time make a list of meals that you want to cook in the upcoming week and then only buy the ingredients accordingly. Another important thing that you need to do is that you should always go with a full tummy in the supermarket because when you go hungry, you tend to buy extra things that you do not like some snacks or noodles.


5. Specialist Shops

If you enjoy the Thai restaurant foods then instead of visiting the restaurant regenerate your favourite food recipe. Although the ingredients are not easy to find and you cannot find them in your local supermarket. To find ingredients, visit the local Asian Market, where you will find plenty of spices and ingredients on a cheaper price.

One of the most amazing thing about buying from the Asian Market is that you can buy rice and vegetables in bulk at a very cheap price in comparison to the supermarket. So make sure you pay a visit to your Asian Market to save some pounds.


6. Yellow Stickers

A best way for students to eat on a pocket friendly budget is to go to the section that costs low in your nearest supermarket. As evening approaches, all the supermarkets start to reduce the prices of items.

According to student money saver website, Friday and Saturday evenings are the best time for those who want to take benefit of the yellow stickered section. It is good for you when you live near a supermarket and you can go at late night. Let us discuss a real-life example, I lived across the road from supermarket at night every member of my house used to go there to see what we would find.

Remember one thing buy the items that you eat and use. If you start buying the thing that you cannot use than it is waste of money, so you should not use that section of market.

Posted on: 27/04/2021

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