8 Ways to Save Money on Almost Everything?

Have you ever thought of saving money? Saving money is important and everyone knows that but saving money is very hard and there is no doubt that it needs a little bit effort and hard work. Also, patience and self-control are needed for saving money but no need to worry because there are many simple and easy ways to save money. Today I will tell you about some of the easy and lazy ways through which you can save money.

Here are some tips for you that will help in saving money – 


1. Direct Debit

One of the lazy ways to save money is direct debit for your all monthly expenses. By doing this you can avoid paying extra charges on late payment of bills. You can control on extra expenses and exactly know who much money is left after paying debit.

Setting direct debit on bills, insurance, loans and other things can help you in lowering monthly expenses. Many people already know about this and are taking benefit from this but some people are unaware of this. A direct debit to pay off your credit card means your credit scores is increasing because you are paying your payment on time.


2. Set Auto-Transfer to Your Saving Account

The best way to save money is setting up a standing order in a saving account for every month. Putting your money in a saving account helps you to reach your financial goal on time. Here, when you get paid some of your money is transferred into your account. This is an easy way and lazy streak for people who are unable to save money at the end of the month. The best thing about setting up a standing order to saving account is that you do not have to wait till the end of the month because the money is transferred to your saving account every time you get paid.

This is a best way of saving money before you spend and it is a much easier habit in which you can easily get into. So, start with a little and slowly it will increase.


3. Use Comparison Sites

Comparison websites helps you to compare price of every good and service from a range of companies. These type of sites offer deals for families, couples and singles at a best price. This may take a little time but it could help you to save money.

Websites like Look after My Bills provides the best deals at a good range depending upon the amount of money you are paying currently.


4. Interchange Buying with Borrowing

Your wardrobe is full of pretty dresses but the question is that how many times you can wear that outfit. You may ask your friends or family if they have any dress that is suitable for you. If you and they have same size and height then you can change your dress with them. This would help you to save money because you would not have to spend money on a new dress.


5. Say NO Often

We are talking about lazy ways to save money. Try to say no and thank you to your colleagues and friends. Many a times after your work, you spend some time with your friends for a drink but now you should try to save money by saying no. You should join these types of event because it can help you learn but try to cut down your expenses by staying in these type of events. A simple no can save a lot of money for you.


6. Stop Wasting your Grocery

Try to not waste on grocery items, buy the things which you need and use in meal every day. Around £19 billion of food is wasted in UK per day. So, try to limit the things and food you eat.

You can easily save on the grocery item by limiting yourself to the items you need.


7. Shop Early for Christmas

Start doing your Christmas shopping early because this is best way of saving money. Start at starting of the year that means take advantage of January sale or clearance sale. Start to check online stores for shopping. Make a plan at the stat of the year and then relax for the rest of the year. This way you can save a lot of cash.


8. Gift Cards

It is a sad fact that about half of the people in the kingdom does not use the gift cards that they receive. One of the best way to save money on almost everything is to use the gift card that you receive. Gift cards are an easy way of saving money, so next time, if you get a gift card, always try to use it. If you are unable to use the gift card sell it, you can sell your gift card on sites like CardCash.

Posted on: 17/05/2021

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