Best Places Where Kids Can Eat For Free

Family is an important part of our life and having meals with the family is one of the best thing that can give you a peace of mind. Eating out can bring a lot of fun and happiness but this also requires a good amount of cash. Having kids with you at the meal can increase your spending a bit more than you thought.

To solve this problem, today I have come up with a list of some places where kids can eat for free or by just giving a low amount, we also have a free kids stuff section so please check it out here. So let’s start from the first list –

1. Morrisons

Morisons is one of the largest supermarket chain of the United Kingdom which is in business since 1899. One of the places to get free food for babies is Morrisons and they have a very detailed menu for kids which they can order for free. The menu include a main meal which can include a tasty pizza, sausage and Yorkshire pudding, Bolognese and fish fingers etc. To get a free meal for your kid, you need to visit the place in the weekdays after 3pm and you also need to spend at least £4.50 on yourself to qualify for a free kid meal.


2. Beefeater Grill Restaurant

Founded in 1974, Beefeater Grill Restaurant is one of the restaurant food chains of the United Kingdom. This is one of the best place to get a free breakfast for your kids because the free meal is only available until 10:30 AM in the morning. You need to buy a Premier Inn Breakfast which cost £9.950, if you do this, you can get a free breakfast for your two kids which are under 16. The kids menu include hash browns, toast, fruit, cereal, fresh juice, sausages and beans and fresh juices etc.


3. Asda Café

One of the best places where kids can eat for free is Asda Café. To get a free meal for your kid you will have to spend £4 or more and you can then eat for free from Monday to Friday after 4pm. Your kids needs to be under 16 for a free meal. This could be the best stop for a late lunch when you are taking your kids from the school. They also sell baby food pouches and they also have a facility to make baby food.


4. Brewers Fayre

One of the restaurant to get a free breakfast for your kid is Brewers Fayre. The restaurant chain was founded in 1979 and now they have 161 locations in the United Kingdom. One of the best thing about this company is that you can get a free breakfast on every day of the week unlike the others which do not offer free meals on the weekends. You will need to purchase a breakfast that costs £9.50 and then your kids can have a free breakfast till 10:30 in the morning. The menu includes eggs of all kind, bacon, fresh pastries and much more.


5. Hungry Horse

Hungry Horse founded in 1995 is a pub restaurant company which has 284 locations in Wales, England and Scotland. This can be one of the best place to dine out with your family because of very cheap family deals. For example, you can order their 8 Mini Burger Bundle for £15, which will include 4 beef burgers, 2 chicken burgers, 2 fish burgers, 4 mini corn, fires, 20 onion rings, baked beans and at the end a big dessert for the family. If you are visiting them on the Saturday’s or Sunday’s then you can also take their Treat the Family Deal at a lower price than usual and that deal will include, pizza, pub fave meals and chicken.


6. The Real Greek

If you have kids of age under 12 then the best place to get a free meal for them is The Real Greek Restaurant. You can have a free meal on Sunday only and for that you need to spend at least £10 at their restaurant. The kid free meal can contain a lamb or beef meatballs, chicken, halloumi or a 3-piece children’s mezze selection. The meal also includes a drink and an ice cream or sorbet. There cannot be a better way to spend your weekend in a cheaper price than this.


7. Bella Italia

This is a kind of different restaurant than others which offer free food for kids at every time of the day and week. To get a food for your kid, you will need to buy a main meal for yourself, so that means you can get free food for your kid with the same price of your own meal. The kid’s meal may include a piccolo or a grande meal. This is a fantastic offer for moms who are out there with their kids.


8. Sizzling Pubs

On Monday to Friday, from 3pm to 7pm, if you are at the Sizzling Pubs for lunch with you kid then you get them a meal for only £1. You just need to purchase a meal for yourself to qualify for this deal. If you are kids are a little older, then do not worry because they have another deal in which you can get two main course for £8.50. But this deal is only available after 12 pm on Monday to Friday. There can’t be any good deals than that.


So, this was it from today’s free food places list, do comment in the section below if you have anything to say because we would love to hear from you.

Posted on: 25/04/2021

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