Best Tips to Make Money by Selling Old Books

So you’ve finished university for the summer or better, and you’ve got three months to look forward to. The main problem is, you don’t have the cash to go and have fun. You can always sale your books and you can get some money back! You get rid of books you don’t need and someone else gets their important texts at a reasonable price. You can also check out free books here.


Is it a Good Condition of my Books to Be Sold?

In general, wear and tear is not the best seller. But even if your books are a little small they can still be valuable.

– Conditional types (as described on eBay)

– New (never used)

– Looks like new (used, but you won’t notice it)

– Good (one or two instances of heavy wear and tear, but the text is still perfectly clear)

– Average (frequent wear and tear throughout the book, but still visible)

– Keep in mind that you cannot resell books with missing pages.

While some buyers are happy to accept books that are full of genius notes, online retailers consider them to be damaged. So it is important to check what your customer’s expectations are. Sometimes a fellow student will look for some useful tips written in the margins.

Even if your books are not in excellent condition, do not give up hope, because some may be more valuable than new books. This is because some obscure volumes will turn your copy into a rare treasure without being printed.

But if you’re still at university, make sure your bookcase is cross-referenced with your future reading lists because you don’t want to eliminate something you may really need in the coming year.

It is also important to remember that with courses such as computer science, textbooks often need to be updated regularly. This means that you may have a limited window to make your money: the longer you leave it, the more your book will become obsolete and it will depreciate.

Sell ​​your Textbooks Online

eBay and Amazon are classic in terms of market sales, although they are very popular and stand to get you a quick sale, they come with some hidden costs when selling your textbooks.


Think about how many books you want to sell at once. New eBayers may be just 10 at a time. If you still need to verify, check your account status and contact customer service.

– eBay now offers 12 photos for free.

– eBay takes up 10% of your total sales.

Payment via PayPal costs 20p per transaction and 3.4% of the wholesale price (or 3.9% for international transactions).


If you sell your textbooks on Amazon, they will also charge you a small fee:

– 75p charge for each book you sell.

– 15% of your sales item is a “recommended fee”.

– Closing fees may range from 43 0.43 to 32 1.32.

When Amazon 80 2.80 contributes to your postage, you can be charged a maximum of 25 3.25 for delivery, which means you have to pay for heavier items. So Amazon is best used when trying to remove slim modules. Posting books of 300 or more pages can cost from 50 to 7.50.

When eBay and Amazon allow you to set your own price for your books, you need to be realistic about how much you can earn. Factor in commission, surcharges and additional costs of postage.

Starting prices vary dramatically from கை 0.01 to 00 20.00 per second hand book, and it is safe to say that you will make some money, but not enough to make a profit.


Batch book buyers

Other sites like are designed to meet the needs of students. These simple steps will help you sell your textbooks for cash:

1: Find the ISBN number on the back of the book and enter it into the online reviewer.

2: Compare the amount offered with other online buyers.

3: Continue the update and select the payment method you prefer.

4: Print your prepaid mail label to which you will be emailed and send your package.

5: Wait five working days to pay into your account.

Online book buyers do not have to offer a good of deal as eBay or Amazon, but they do save you from extra delivery and commission fees. They are easy and efficient, so save your time, it will be worth more than money.


Where Can You Sell your Textbooks?

University notice boards

Use your university department to promote your books and attach messages to lecture boards where you are allowed. This would be the perfect place to attract poorly prepared students. They will accept your books at a reasonable price and you do not need to post them.

If fellow students have useful notes, they may pay more for books that are less than the right level.

Facebook groups

Once the Sixth Form students accept their university offer, they will usually be added to the official and unofficial Facebook groups. These provide you with a great forum for book sales. As a second or third year student, you are in a better position to offer advice. This means that the book you used may be something the first year student is looking for.


Posted on: 02/07/2021

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