Best Ways to Receive Free Christmas Letter from Santa

As the year ends the Santa got busier so the ending month of year is actually the busiest time for Santa.

Elves creates all the toys and works on long days and nights to ensure your gifts arrive on time. Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer are getting ready for their long journey, deciding what snacks to take and brushing their penetration skills.

Santa picks up all the wrapping paper throughout the year, and Mrs. Klaus scolds him for eating less of the chopped pieces left for him (he may have put on a little extra weight like last year).

Even if the North Pole is far away, you can still write a Christmas letter or card to Santa – he wants to hear from you!

Royal Mail: Free letter from Santa

You can get a letter from Santa, which costs only the price of a stamp, thanks to Royal Mail. Send your letters to:

Santa / Father Christmas

Santa’s Grotto

Reindeer Land



Make sure you have:

Written to the correct address

Sealed envelope was used

Your full name and address are included (so Santa can respond!)

For more information, see the Write Santa page on the Post Office website.

Want to make your letter extra special? For that purpose just keep on reading for some free printable templates that are of your use.

It is worth noting that there is no guarantee that every letter will receive a response from Santa, because of the large volumes he receives. To help ensure you receive a reply, be sure to send your letter before the cut-off date.

Letters of Charity from Santa

It’s important to remember the less fortunate during fun, festive seasons. Donation letters from Santa (with proceeds to a charity) are a great way to get your kids excited about Christmas, as well as think about the less fortunate than themselves.

National Association for the Protection of Children (NSPCC)

Each year, NSBCC runs a letter from the Santa program, where your little one can receive a letter from Father Christmas for a recommended donation of $ 5. This money makes a huge difference to charity and helps children across the UK celebrate a magical Christmas. Letters are customized for each child, making it a very unique treat for your child.

Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB)

RNIP runs a similar program where blind and partially sighted children can receive letters from Santa in the format of their choice. The elves and angels in RNIB make sure Santa stays in touch with all the kids, so they help send Santa the answers in Braille (contract or unrestricted), large print or audio CD.

Send your letters to:

Santa Claus


Mid gate House

Mid gate



Make sure the letter includes the following information:

The child’s name, age and mailing address

Contact phone number

Whether the answer should be in English or in Welsh

What writing format you need

The deadline for letters is Saturday, December 1, so make sure you have yours before you avoid disappointment.

Although it will not cost you to receive a letter from Santa, please help RNIB continue their work by donating. For more information, check out the letter from the Santa page of their website.

East Anglia’s Children Hospices (EACH)

Everyone runs an annual program where children can receive a personalized letter from Santa and a donation of at least 5 to complete the Christmas activity. Each donation will help provide care and support for life-threatening children, youth and their families throughout East Anglia.

Find more now on each website and order your letter.

Free Naughty or Good Report Card

Find out if your little one has made a good list this year that can be printed from personal works.

In the style of the school report card, choosing good manners, finishing work, eating well, and so on. Hide around the house as if they had been left by a friendly deity!

Additionally, you can even format your other half with an adult report card. Christmas is a time of fascination for all.

Free Video and Calls from Santa

Portable North Pole is a free service that allows you to get personalized videos and phone calls with the big man. Available on PC and in use, the Portable North Pole is a great way to add magic to Christmas.

Plus it’s not just for kids! With BNP you can get fun, personalized videos for adults too.

Check out the different videos and phone calls available and why not make this Christmas so special.

Free Printable Santa Letter Templates

To make your letter even more special for Father Christmas, why not use one of these great templates?

Spaceships and Laser Beams have found 20 free printable letters for Santa templates for you to enjoy. Some are much empty than your little one’s imagination into the wild, while others fill in the blanks to get them started.

Track Santa’s location on Christmas Day

Fun continues on Christmas Eve as you can follow Santa’s progress on Google Santa Tracker. Daily activities are added every day in December for the little ones to participate, and they can follow up on Google Maps as Santa makes his journey around the world on Christmas Eve.

Posted on: 08/06/2021

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