Best Ways To Save Money On Almost Anything

Saving money for your future is never out of fashion and you need to do that whenever there is an opportunity for you. With the prices going up of almost everything, it is difficult to control the spending and saving money seems like a very difficult task. So to solve this problem, today I have come up with a list of tricks and methods that will help you to save money from almost everything. So now you do not have to worry about the high prices and you can save money easily by using these effective tips, so let’s start,


Student Discount

If you are a student then you it is must that you know that you can get a lot of discount on simply using your student ID card. Many businesses are willing to give discounts to you if you show your student card. But it is not necessary to get a student discount by paying a heavy tuition fee, there are certain ways through which you can get a student discount or student ID without paying a big fee. You can become a member of National Union of Students’ by getting a discounted online course and then you can get a Student ID for only £12 for a year. This makes you a student and you can then use your NUS card at a number of different retailers all across the UK for discounted prices.

You can get discount on Amazon Prime Membership or you can even get it for free, you can also ask for a refund if you are a student and didn’t knew about this offer before.

You can also use your student card for travelling discount, as rail tickets are offered at a discounted price to students and if you do not have a student card at that moment then you can use your student account for payment to get a discount.


Hit the Right Discount Cards

Discounts cards are only worthy if you get your money back, so whenever you want to buy a gift card, sum up all the cost and make sure that you are saving money in the end. Whereas, there are some gift cards that you can get for free or by just spending a little amount. Tastecard is one of the card that is accepted by most of the restaurants in the United Kingdom and for this card, you can get £50 discount. You can delay their fee of £80 per year by taking trail offers and you can spend some months without paying.


Hunt Vouchers and Discounts

Whenever you are planning to visit a store to buy something, before visiting the store search for the online discount vouchers and codes to save most of the money. You can easily find a voucher or a code by searching it online and if you want to make more out of it, then subscribe for the newsletter, most of the stores are offering high discounts to new comers and they are a number of different deals for them. So if you need to buy something extra, plan it accordingly to save the most money.



This is the simplest and easiest way to get a discount. You can simply ask for a discount to a retailer and most of the retailers are willing to give a discount to you. To get a discount, you need to compare the prices and if they are asking for the same then ask them a discount, so that you could be their client. If you are buying more than one item, then you can ask for a discount or a lower price for each item. If they are not willing for a lower price, you can walk away to get a better deal. The same goes with your broadband, phone and utility providers as if you tell them that you are changing the provider, they will offer you a discounted price too.

When you are out there for shopping, do not hold the cash in your hand because most of the retailers wait for your go before they give you the best deal, get the best deal before you show your cash.


Amazon Prime

If you are an Amazon user, then it is worthy for you to pay a £7.99 for a month. This will help you to get a lot of deals on different items and you can enjoy one day delivery option. But if you go for no-rush postage than you can enjoy £1 in credit for every purchase that you can use in your next purchase. To make more money through this, buy all the items you need that are in Amazon prime and buy them one by one. This will sum up all the money and you can then use that money towards your next purchase or you can buy apps and subscriptions.


Search for the discounted offers

Sometimes there are certain spending that cannot be reduced and they are hard to pay too. But there are some deals and offers that you do not know about and for most people they are not important. For example, if you are the only adult in your house, then you can get a 25% discount on your council tax. This means that if you have kids, student nurse, or a full-university student at your house and other than you are the only adult, then you are eligible for the offer. Another example is that if you have anyone in the house who is over 75 or is blind then you can get the TV licence for a discounted price or for free if you register at their name.

So always search for these kind of discounts and offers and they are usually in small prints.


Birthday Discounts

Birthdays are special and everyone want to spend this day with good memories. Businesses know this thing well and they try to give you the best deals, so that you can be happy at the end of the day. You can get free cakes, donuts, pastries and many other discounts on your special day. To get these discounts and offers, you will need to subscribe to the retailers newsletter, use their app and get their loyalty card, if they have one. You need to get these things in advance so that the retailer should be aware of your special day. So do not miss a meal at Yo! Sushi, your free Benefit Brow wax from the Debenham’s beauty club and your treats at Gregg’s, Krispy Kreme, Patisserie Valerie and Subway on your special day.



So these are some of the ideas that can help you to save some good amount of money, make sure you use all of them and even using some of them can help you save a big amount. Do comment in the section below if you have anything to say.

Posted on: 31/05/2021

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