Bored at Home? Here’s Are The 31 Free Things You Can Do During Lockdown

Once again, we all are in lockdown and I’m pretty sure that most of you guys must have completed your Netflix list, fed up of talking about the news & covid stats of your area but don’t worry we have put our heads together to bring the list of 31 best things which you can do by staying at the comfort of your home.

In this list you will find a variety of free & exciting things which you can do by using your internet connection or items you have been around since days, weeks or months.

Just sit back & relax while we show you the list of things you can do during lockdown.

So, let’s get started….

  1. Watch a movie

Whenever you think about watching a movie, the first thing comes in your mind must be Netflix of Amazon Prime but the thing is that they are not your only options and neither you need to pay monthly subscription fees to watch a variety of exciting and mind-blowing movies.

Openculture allows you to watch 1150 free films online right now. If you are a student or you got a valid university or library card then consider luck on your side because you will also have access to Kanopy which offers you to watch a wide-range of movies for free.

  1. Write a novel

Do you also lie in the category of those people who always wanted to write something but never found an enough time for it? Then this is your chance to do what you always wanted to, outwardly Shakespeare wrote his King Lear in isolation during the time of plague. So maybe this is your chance to write down your artistic work.

I assume that you might be thinking or worried about how to start, you don’t need to worry about that because to get you on your track we have launched our free course on how to start fiction writing and we are pretty sure that it will help you a lot to get started.

  1. Paint with Bob Ross

Do you love painting? Or always wanted to? Or you got any paint brushes somewhere in your drawer? If so then you will be much happy to know that 403 episodes of the Joy of Painting have been uploaded to YouTube which you can watch for free. During this lockdown you can listen to his calming tones while you paint the beautiful landscapes and enjoy the beauty of imperfections.

  1. Visit the Art Gallery online

Do you know that there are a wide range of art galleries and museums all around the world who have digitized their collections and now offering virtual tours for free to the people like us.

New York’s MoMa is one the mind-blowing galleries and the best thing is that you can visit it by just being in your own bed and you can enjoy variety of Pollock & Monet for free.

  1. Have a karaoke night

Missing those days when you used to be with your friends and enjoying the karaoke night? Seems like luck is on your side because you can still do it from the comfort of your home.

There are many free apps such as AirConsole which allows you to turn you smartphone into mic and you can sing all of your favorite hits with your friends. Also you can practice a new song with your friends to sing at the bar later when it’s all over.

  1. Try a fitness challenge

Do you know that you can do a variety of fitness challenges and work on your health without leaving your home? There are plenty of fitness workout to do at home such as squat challenge, 100 push-ups challenge or you can also a 30-day bodyweight workout challenge at your home and totally for free.

Just keep in mind to not to push too hard in the beginning and warm up thoroughly before you do any of them.

  1. Arrange a house party

We know that during this lockdown all of us somehow got bored at home so why don’t you arrange a virtual house party and spend some quality time with your friends to make this lockdown a bit more enjoyable for yourself.

Houseparty is an app which allows you to do a large group of video chats so you can get along with your friends for a drink, or a chat or just talk about some exciting things with your friends for a couple of hours.

  1. Cook something new

One of the best things of being home a lot is that you can spend a lot of time in your kitchen to cook something new from scratch.

There are plenty of mouth-watering recipes online which you can find and try out for free, even if you got a limited budget to stick to. Jack Monroe’s recipes are specially created for those people who are on strict budget or relying on food banks. On the other hand Miguel Barclay recipes are well-known for his one pound meals.

  1. Go to a national park

We all know that those long walks and open scenery sounds and feels like a thing of past but the good thing is that you can still enjoy the view of those scenery. You can take virtual tours of America’s National Park or any other parks closer to your home by sitting on your own sofa.

  1. Go to the theatre

In this pandemic situation as you can’t go to theatre let the theatre come to you.

We all are familiar with recorded performance, but thanks to Marquee and platforms like them are offering a variety of free trials which you can see to kill your boredom during this lockdown.

  1. Start a blog

Right now this is your chance to build your own audience, especially if you got some interesting, relatively cheap or indoor hobbies which you can share with your audience.

In recent times the interest in board games or cooking has decreased, if your hobbies are trending ones then you are all good to go to setup your own blog and share your knowledge with people around the world. To take it from there you can setup your wordpress account and blog for free.

  1. Learn first aid

Well the fact is that we never know what’s coming so it is good to be prepared for an emergency. Especially for those times when there are no urgent care centers in your neighborhood, or they are overwhelmed or you don’t want to leave your house for a minor injury.

  1. Sew a teddy bear

As we all have a plenty of free time nowadays, you can your favorite childhood toy or you can also sew your own teddy bear by using some old clothes.

To get all you need is an old cloth(it can be some socks or an old t-shrit) and a small sewing kit.

  1. Improve your communication skills

Communication skills matters a lot. Whether it’s your job profile or in daily-routine, having good communication skills is always a plus point. If your communication skill are not that strong then don’t worry you can still work on them and improve them.

There are multiple online platforms which helps you to improve your communication skills at the comfort of your home and will help you to smooth over workplace tensions and excel at group work.

  1. Read or listen a book

If like me your new year’s resolution was to start reading or read more than before then you can achieve it this year for sure.

Now you can finally go through that huge stack of books & novels next to your bed. I assure you that you will actually find something really interesting while reading them or if you don’t have any books at your home then you can find something really interesting on Many Books. In case you prefer audio books then you can try Audible for free.

  1. Start a virtual book club

If you love reading and you also want to chat about your book afterwards then you can start a virtual book club.

Starting a virtual book club will allow you to agree on a variety of free books and not only that, infact you can also get together for a chat and much more recommendations. Also it is a great way to stay in touch with your lovely friends or make new ones.

  1. Meditate

In our everyday busy lives we ignore a few things that should be our priority. On top of those things stand out mental health. It is a known fact that meditation and mindfulness not only helps people stay calm but it also gives people the ability to stay happy in what they have. Appreciate the hidden beauty of things.

  1. Upcycle old clothes or accessories

Got a closet full of clothes that you don’t know what to do with? Or perhaps just some old clothes that either went out of trend or you just don’t wear anymore. Well now is the perfect time to get them in use. Upscale them to the current trends. Use accessories and turn them into the new products that not only show your own personality and creativity but also have the potential to turn heads wherever you go.

  1. Understand nutrition and plan a diet

Tired of following diets blindly and not getting the wanted results? Or just tired of dieting in general? Well now is the perfect time to eradicate the problem from its source. Learn and understand nutrition by making use of all this time we all have at our hands these days. There are many free courses on the Internet. Get the body you always wanted without even losing a thing.

  1. Discover your roots

Ever wondered about your family tree? Who your grand-grand grandmother was or what her husband used to do? You can use this free time constructively and learn all about your roots. What your ancestors used to do and who they were. Who knows what you’ll find? Maybe you’re related to Taylor Swift.

  1. Volunteer

We all know nothing brings a person more happiness then making others happy and helping them. And being honest we all can use as much happiness as we can get in the age, we are in. We can now do volunteer work easily from our home in plenty of different ways. There are some schemes going on that are for this same purpose. You can think of joining them.

  1. Work out and Yoga

Now is the time you work on you. We spent all our lives working in schools and offices but now it’s time for us. Work out, do yoga among many other ways to keep your body fit and in tip top condition. It’s time to achieve our dreams and get that body we always wanted. No time like the present.

  1. Mystery Solving

Nothing works the brain then some exciting and unsolved mysteries. Especially when you are a mystery fan you should try this. Crime fans can immerse themselves in as many mysteries as they want. Online communities for just this purpose are formed on every platform you can imagine. Work with other groups and find out about all the possibilities that could be true. Who knows what you might uncover?

  1. Aquarium and Zoos

Ever got the urge to go visit your local zoo or Aquarium? Or just wanted to go visit them but couldn’t cause of all the other work and responsibilities. Maybe work got in way of your plans. Well now is the perfect opportunity for you and your family. Especially for your kids. Many Aquariums and Zoos around the world have installed cameras in their facilities and are live broadcasting the footage on their websites etc. The best part is most of them are free and don’t even require any kind of fees.

  1. Declutter your home

We all know how much junk is present in our homes but we never got the time to get rid of it. Well now all we have is time so why not sort stuff present in your home. See what you need and what you want to get rid of. Trust me you’ll find so much stuff you didn’t even know still existed. Then you just throw it away, put in on eBay or just make a yard sale when the time comes.

  1. Learn a language

No better time to learn a language then now. Whether you wanted to learn a language just for fun or wanted to learn it for more technical purposes. There are many online courses nowadays that are perfect to learn new languages.

  1. Board Games

People say that board games are a thing of the past. Well, this pandemic clearly changed that view didn’t it. There is no better time spender than board games for you and your entire family. Many fun games include Ludo, monopoly etc.

  1. Write letters to Pen Pals

Ever wonder what it is like to have a Pen Pal? Well time to find out. Write letter and emails to your Pen Pals all around the world. You can easily find Pen Pals online. So, start right now and go beyond.

  1. Deep cleaning of home

Being honest we never had time to clean our homes as Well as we would have liked. But with this pandemic we can easily not only make our house look clean but actually clean it to the tip top condition.

  1. Beauty and Self Care

Beauty is as important a part of a person as any. Take some time off. Care for yourself. Whether its care of your hair, your hands or any other part of your body you’d like to be better. There are many online courses that not only teach you how to look beautiful but also be beautiful forever. Well, what are you waiting for? Get started now.

  1. Learn to Play Poker

Of course were not promoting gambling, but you can learn how to play with your housemates or family for anything including chocolate. Also to top it off, were also giving away 10 free Jack Daniels Poker kits. You can apply here.

Posted on: 09/04/2021

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