Easy Ways to Earn By Ironing

So, do you like to do laundry in your spare time?

You can say you are better than us!

Since this is what most people think, there is a very high demand for efficient laundry services that do quality work. People will pay extra to put their laundry outside.

Read the below quick guide for starting your own laundry business:


What’s Actually Involved in the Iron Trade?

To provide high quality laundry service, you will need the essentials: a good iron and laundry board. It is worth investing in good quality tools – this will make the job easier and they are less likely to damage your customers’ clothes. You need to do experienced laundry, even if it is your own clothes, know the basics, for example, different heating systems for different types of fabrics. You will want to offer more laundry standards to your customers than your own clothes.

You may already have a laundry service with plenty of customers near you, so it is very important to provide the best results. Do some market research to check what others are offering based on price, services and delivery options. Think about how you can get their offer first.

– Starting irons for money

– You basically have two options:

– Sign up with a company,

– Or start your own laundry business.

– Laundry agents

With the first option, finding the closest company is as easy as convincing them that you are good at laundry. A quick search for the name of the Iron Company and your area can be found online.

Different agencies offer different services – some including modifications and repairs – so find one that best suits your skills.

When you register with a company, they handle management aspects such as insurance, however, if you are to register as a self-employed person (the company should tell you this), you should consider some of the income tax issues you may be facing. Read this article about paying tax on your extra income.

Some agencies will contact you with a local customer and leave it up to you to arrange the fees yourself.

Others have clients who generally need home maintenance, cleaning and laundry work. Therefore, they match an iron to their customer’s needs and allow both parties to agree on a price.

If you decide to collaborate with a company, the work will usually be part-time and often flexible.

Payment hourly rates are first charged per item or per pound.

In general, expect to earn between:

– At £ 8 and £12 per hour

– 50p and £ 1 per item

– 50p and 1 per pound

While some agencies may not require you to drive, having wheels will definitely make your job easier. If you do not already have a vehicle, read our article on car leasing.

Starting your own business

The big advantage of running your own business is that you have to keep everything for money! Go to work whenever you want and select your clients.

However, if that doesn’t put you off, read on to find out how you can get all of these.

How Can I Start My Own Iron Service?



Start by looking at your local paper and store windows to see how tough the competition is. Quickly search online and check out local Facebook groups – you can also advertise on community websites.

If you already have a lot of laundry services available, there is no room anymore.

However, if you do not notice the best start. The demand for your services may actually be. A great way to push your business off the ground is to start small and build it gradually as you gain more customers.

For tax purposes, it is important that you register as a self-employed person within three months of working for yourself. Visit Gov.uk to learn more.



Start by providing a simple laundry service and then pick up items from there. You can also offer special offers for school uniforms in September or seasonal services such as polishing people’s clothes for the wedding season.

You can branch. If you are a confident sewer, for example, your skills will definitely come in handy. You can also provide minting and laundry services.

But it’s not just about washing things. Remember – presentation is everything. It is common practice to return a customer’s laundry in clear plastic bags or hangers, so ensure a consistent supply of these. You can ask your customers to add their own hangers when you place an order, but make sure you have some extra features.

An important service that most customers appreciate, collection and delivery. It is acceptable to charge a small fee for this based on fuel cost and time spent driving the vehicle.

On the plus side, when you register as a self-employed person, you can claim a refund for expenses incurred while driving from the customer – so keep all your petrol receipts.



The start-up cost of a laundry kick is low, but setting a budget is an essential part of any business – and it shouldn’t take too long.

All you have to do is draw up a list of expenses, including materials, fuel, advertising, rent, etc. and implement their total. When you quote customers, make sure you include all of these sites and add a sum of labor. It is a good idea to compare your prices with other businesses that offer laundry services. Many in the laundry business admit that they started charging, and then it is difficult to increase their prices because they risk losing good customers. Make sure you believe that your fees will reflect the work you do in your business.



There are many different ways to promote your laundry business, but word of mouth is the best. So let your friends, family and work colleagues know that you are doing this, and ask them to help you spread the word.

It will also help you set up a Facebook page for your business. You can use this to post regular updates, which is where your customers can share their reviews. If they are positive, it will encourage others to use your services.

You may consider shop windows, libraries, your local paper, yellow pages and even advertisements of your own particular website.

Tip On Making Money Ironing

Running a laundry business does not have to be complicated, but there are some things you need to keep in mind:

– You can start with getting some business cards printed cheaply on Vista Print and hand them over on each occasion. You can also design some simple leaflets and distribute them to homes near you.

– Smokers do not need to apply. If your customers smoke cigarettes on their clothes, you will not expect any business. It is also good to stay away from strong cooking odors and pets (allergies).

– Washing in the summer can be a hot job, so pick up a cheap fan to keep yourself cool while you work.

– Good professional compensation insurance is essential if you are washing a hole in the case of any designer. Accidents happen!

Now you know everything you need to start washing to maximize your income. And actually the beauty of this money making strategy is how easy and flexible it is to set up. Your laundry kick may be as small as doing just a few shirts for someone you know or it could be the perfect full time job. You can do laundry while the kids are in bed or watching TV.

Posted on: 03/29/2021

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