Easy Ways to Get Free Tea and Coffee?

Tea or Coffee is actually a kind of refreshment which helps you to get energetic. Most of the persons love to take it in the early morning or evening to make themselves boosted. It’s a cup of tea which makes everything a little bit better so, how was it to have Tea or Coffee as a freebie? Yeah it is amazing for its lovers.


Why Places Give Away Tea or Coffee as a Freebie?

Most of the companies are giving away free tea or coffee and helping people to enjoy their favorite hot drink. Now companies are not much fool to have a loss on these hot drinks, if they are giving there tea or coffee without taking payment then there should be lot of reasons behind.

One of the important reason that makes them eager to give away their stuff free is to introduce their name in the market. Almost on the daily bases there are number of new companies establishing in the market with a lot of new variety of stuff. As people don’t know much about these new companies that’s why they don’t choose these companies to buy their products and that is the actual fact which makes companies to give their stuff for free so that people tends to buy it and know about their name. In this way both the sides get benefit, mean the company got succeed in making their name popular and the people are also getting their favorite hot drinks and many other amazing products as a freebie.

Second important thing which companies want in response of their freebies is to make loyal customers. If a supermarket is giving their free stuff to people then the people too more likely to do shopping from that particular market. By giving away free tea or coffee, the companies are actually making their loyal customers who seems much eager in spending their money to that specific company.

So what are you waiting for? Make use of these new establishing companies and enjoy your favorite hot drink for free.

Simple Steps to Get Free Tea or Coffee

There are many simple ways to get free cup of Tea or Coffee and the most important out of these steps is the loyalty cards. Various number of companies are offering membership loyalty bonus. Among these, Waitrose, John Lewis are most popular. These two are offering free tea or coffee as a membership loyalty bonus. Just sign up for the card and enjoy tea or coffee for fully free. Search for all the places of that kind all around the UK and give yourself a chance to get free tea and many others exciting prizes.

Coffee chains are also giving away free drinks on many social media pages. Starbucks and Costa are the most popular coffee chains who are announcing their free stuff on different pages. Despite this, some chain restaurants like Giraffe often announce free drink on some specific pages. All you need is to search for these pages on social media and get signed in to have free cup of tea or coffee and then follow your favorite one on any social media App like Twitter, Face book and Instagram to get alerted about all of their offers.

Many tea companies are also giving away free samples of their tea bags. Birchall and Redbush are most important out of those companies. These two are regularly sending out free samples of tea bags. So that you can check the flavor before you buy it.

How to Get Free Tea or Coffee Now?

There is numerous number of places from where you can get free tea or coffee. The most popular of these places are as follows:

1- Waitrose: in order to get free hot drink from Waitrose, just sign in to my Waitrose scheme. As early you sign in to that scheme greater is the chance for you to get your favorite hot drink as a freebie. Actually my Waitrose gives you a specific type of card which makes you eligible to get their stuff free.

It doesn’t requires you to make a purchase in store in order to be given a cup of your drink but there is no limit of prices on what you need to purchase. You have much more choices to get your hot drink from, including Americano, latte, cappuccino and many others. So it is totally up to your choice. Be fast and sign in to Waitrose and make yourself eligible to get free hot drinks from it.

2- IKEA: it is one of the family favorite home ware store. Be a member of IKEA family and enjoy your favorite hot drink whenever you visit the store during whole week. As an IKEA family member you can also have to chance to get many other benefits including discounted family rates, 10% relaxation on sales item, many free products insurance and many more. Sign up to IKEA and be its member to enjoy a bunch of freebies on your favorite hot drinks and many extra discounts on variety of products.

3- John Lewis: this freebie is actually doubly exciting because it offers hot drink with the addition of slices of cakes. Just like others, it also requires you to sign in and register for the My John Lewis membership program. This program get you a chance to enjoy your favorite hot drink for free for at least three times per year. My John Lewis also helps you to make most of your shopping as you can gain coins, collect rewards and many surprise treats. So sign up to My John Lewis today and get your membership card with in two weeks.

4- Paul: register a Paul loyalty card online and enjoy a large coffee, a tea, or many hot chocolates for free. If you are not having your breakfast from Paul, then you are in for a treat. Make your morning fabulous by having Persian breakfast from any Paul store before the midday. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself in, have a Paul loyalty card and enjoy delicious hot drinks, chocolates and an energetic Persian breakfast.

5- Booths: it is a perfect post-shopping refreshment. If you are living in the north-west then you have a great chance to get free hot drink in store at Booths on daily bases. Booths also helping people to get great discounts on afternoon tea, to receive weekly discounts on newspaper with the addition of your favorite hot drink. Register at Booths, get a temporary card in store and get started.

6- Greggs: it is the favorite snack spot on the high street and is actually a great place to nab a free hot drink. The App is very much user friendly so that’s why anyone can use it with great ease. Download the App, make an account, get to rewards section and search for your favorite hot drink.

7- Benugo: it is actually known by the name “Londoners”. It have many cafes and restaurants on the popular places in London including, Regents park, the Natural History Museum and The British Museum. So what are you waiting for? Sign in at “Ben u g o” and claim for free hot drink.

8- Costa: it is also one of the most important place which helps the people to have their free hot drink. By signing in that particular App you may also have a chance to get extra benefits, bigger deals and many more. Wu n t u usually teams up with Costa and offer their users fully free hot drink. So always keep an eye on this App and never miss a chance to get any sort of freebie from Costa.

9- Cosy Club: if you got a Co s y Club restaurant near you and have a larger number of people in the family, mean above 65 then there is a great chance for you to claim for free cup of tea every Wednesday between 10am -11am. Be clever, make this offer useful and enjoy a pot of tea without spending any money every Wednesday

Posted on: 10/04/2021

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