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We have always provided you the best freebies that you can get. But today I have come up with a list of free donations that you can make for free daily. Your little donations can make a difference so you should take your step in order to make a better world.

The first place to take a start is the, with a single click you can make your donation. Your click will be generated in to a sponsor fund and that fund will go to a charity that you choose.


Where to Donate?

There are plenty of places where you can donate but I have written nine of those in which you can donate by a simple click.


The Hunger Site

Hunger is a global problem and according to a survey one eighth of the world’s population has to face this problem. This site has given 856 million cups of foods to different people in need, so your single click can make a big difference.

The Literacy Site

Help people to get literate, your click can help a child to get a free book. A click means you are providing 1% of the book with a sponsor’s help.

The Autism Site

Autistic Spectrum disorder is another issue that is needed to be addressed and resolved. You can help families and children fighting with autism spectrum disorders. Visit the website and click the big red button on the front page.

The Breast Cancer Site

This is one of the least addressed issue and it is needed to be addressed and resolved. By clicking on the site button you can help the site to fund the research, care and mammograms for breast cancer diagnose and screening. 0.2 Million women are screened for breast cancer from the fund provided by the website. So take a start and visit the site on daily basis.

The Animal Rescue Site

Animals also require your care and affection, your click can help the site to provide fund for animal care, food and animal shelter houses around the globe.

The Alzheimer’s Site

Alzheimer is a disease that is widely spreading across the globe and according to a study almost 44 million people are living with Alzheimer and these number will rise up to 135 million in 2050. So go to the site and click the purple button to help people fighting with Alzheimer.


So this all from my side today, all you need to do is to bookmark these website and visit them daily. Your simple habit will help many people to live a better a life.

Posted on: 19/05/2021

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