Free Stuff For NHS and Frontline Staff

In these difficult times everyone is looking for some sort of help from anywhere. NHS and Frontline staff are hoping to have any kind of relief during the tougher days of the recent pandemic. But this is not a big deal all they need to do is to look out for different sort of freebies and discounts because it is the easiest and the only way to make their dreams come true in that tougher period.
As the solidarity and all the health and emergency workers are working hard and putting their lives to help people during these hardships that’s why to appreciate their efforts and to say them a huge thank you many companies are offering variety of freebies and plenty of discounts.

Following are the important businesses that are offering all sort of free treats but there are variety of terms and conditions for each of their offer. Among these important term and conditions the two basic and must needed are to bring your id card with you and the other thing is to wear your uniform always whenever you want to get freebies and discounts.

Yoga Download

To show their appreciation for all the amazing work done by our NHS staff, Yoga Download still offers a 20% discount on their online yoga service from members for 3 months. Click here to sign up for your discount!


All NHS workers can grab free tea or coffee from their local McColl’s. Now go to your nearest store – they have a Costa machine, Lavazza machine or a Nescafe machine to buy your drink. Find out more on their Facebook page.

Kids Pass

It is also one of the other major site that is helping people a lot. If you are an NHS worker then get your free 6 month kids pass to get yourself enjoyed from the numerous range of discounts and freebies. There is almost everything from 57% off days out, to 40% off cinema and 50% off holidays. Be wise and apply for your choice by signing in to their site.

Access Self storage

Did you know that you can get 20% discount on self-storage with Access Self Storage? They have 58 stores in the UK, so why not go to the website now to find one near you to enjoy this discount. This offer is available to NHS staff and emergency service personnel.

Harley Therapy

Harley Therapy offers free treatment support sessions to NHS staff. Health workers maintain their lives while fighting the virus on a daily basis, which can have a detrimental effect on mental health. That’s why these free sessions can make all the difference! Click here to register with your NHS email address to claim ownership.

Turtle Bay

It is one of the best business site for NHS and Frontline workers as it offers 20% discount on the food for them. All you need to do is to read their blog post about their discounts and to create either a Blue Light or Defense Services account because these two are the only way to get their discounts and offers. Don’t wait and keep your eye on different sites to enjoy the discount from the Turtle Bay.

Blue Light Tickets

Blue Light Tickets are the other important way to get some freebies and discount for yourself if you are a NHS worker. If you got a blue light card then there are more chances for you to grab the freebies but if you are an emergency worker and don’t have a card then be smart, be quick and get their card as early as possible and make yourself enable to get all the discounts by using blue light tickets. Always try to reach more of the websites to find different comedy shows, sports event, seasonal events, gigs and many more.


Fitbit have recently launched a special promo for all of the NHS workers and Frontline staff. So if you are an NHS worker then create an account with your NHS email address as it is the only way to qualify for the discount on 1 Fitbit and also 1 clip accessory. Sign-up and enjoy all of their discounts.


Our amazing lead staff have been working very hard to combat this epidemic and as a result their mental health is no doubt affected … Thanks for volunteering to lend a helping hand to Headspace! It is an application rich in wonderful meditation and memory resources to help reduce stress. NHS workers can sign up for the Headspace premium completely free of charge.

Costa Coffee at Gulf Sites

There are numerous number of Costas which are available at different Gulf Petrol Stations in Wales, North of England and Scotland. So if you are an NHS worker and are living in any of these areas then look out for different sort of maps and see that whether you are able to claim a free costa coffee.


AA provides free recovery to all NHS staff during the COVID-19 crisis. The right number for you to visit the website for all the details to get road-side recovery completely free.


Posted on: 04/04/2021

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