Free Ways to Keep Your Family Entertained During Lockdown

Almost everyone is worried because of the recent pandemic. Giving some entertainment to your family in this tough situation is pretty much difficult. But don’t need to worry because Magic freebies are helping a lot people to get rid of all the present problems and giving you many ways to keep your family entertained during lock down. It actually allows you to work from home but it’s not that easy, you have to face many challenges. It doesn’t matter that you are living alone, or with a family, your friends, or your kids it is always tricky to find some free time so that you can have fun or you can engage yourself in the other activities by the help of which you can pass a good time or make your mind to think on positive things rather than thinking the bad one. Magic freebies actually compiled a great list of activities that can make an exceptional alternative from watching the TV or to pop out for the daily dose of exercise to make yourself strong.

Try to Use Different Flow Charts to Find Your Perfect Activity

As there are many flow charts available so always try to find the best flow chart as it is the easy way to find the perfect activity of yours. have recently created some of the fab flow chart which can greatly help you to figure out that how you can pass your time or spend your time during the tough quarantine days. Find the best activity which you thinks suit you the most based on the travelling personality.

Watch the Best Plays From the National Theatre While Sitting at Home

There is no other best thing for having entertainment than to watch your best play while sitting at home. The National Theatre is streaming many fabulous shows at the moment. So what are you waiting for? Check the number of websites so that you can get the perfect play for yourself and can enjoy a lot in the tough days while sitting at home.

Become Virtual Tourist

Travel trend had recently compiled a numerous list of fun places all around the world. They are offering plenty of travelling tours which are virtual so it’s a great chance for you to visit all the world by sitting in the home. So what are you waiting for? Keep an eye on all the free virtual tours and make yourself enjoyable during these tough times. Explore Disney world, the Great Wall of China, the Great Barrier Reef and many more of the important and spectacular places.

Enjoy your Free Virtual Rides with Universal Studios Orlando

If you want to get a free ride for yourself then Universal Studios in Orlando is the best place for you. Now you can enjoy all of the favorite rides at the Universal Orlando without going anywhere. All you need to do is to follow different kind of links from different websites and click to watch amazing and fabulous videos with the comfort of your own home.

Always Try to Read Marvel Comics

Comixology is the great way by which you can read your favorite Marvel Comics without paying any thing. If you are a Marvel fan then it is the best activity to do while away the hours in this pandemic. Always look out for these offers as it is the best chance to enjoy during the lockdown.

Use Rosetta stone To Get Free Language Learning for School Children

If you want to learn your kids free language learning then use Rosetta stone. So be clever and sign-up to the Rosetta stone by simply choosing the specific language which you want, also the name, email address as well as the name of your child’s school.

Take a Free London Virtual Tour

Visiting London has created an amazing interactive online map of the city, with amazing signs for you to explore! Each location has a 360 degree photo. If you plan to take your kids on an Easter trip to London, it can be a lot of fun to entertain them when you are at work, trying to do chores or trying to treat yourself for a while.

Learn Guitar With Fender

Fender has started a free trial to learn how to play the guitar while you are stuck at home! The beauty of the free trial is that you can cancel your comment at any time. Gradually you will find digital guides for learning, video lessons are easy to follow, and you can watch your progress.

Use Google’s VR App to Hang out With Zoo Animals in Your Home

Google’s Augmented Reality brilliantly overrides digital content in our physics world. With this latest feature you can enjoy having exotic zoo animals in the room with you! Type in the animal you want to see in the Google search bar and click the ‘View in 3D’ button. Family fun time at your fingertips.

Explore the Natural History Museum With a Virtual Tour

Google Arts & Culture may have come from 2011, but we’ve never seen this before … but right now, it’s so useful to give everything that happens! The NHM in London can use this site to explore all its glory through a virtual tour. If the kids are driving you crazy, put this in front of them and they can spend hours exploring all of the spectacular exhibitions. It’s free, so what’s not to like?

Learn How to Draw With Experts

Numerous professional and semi-professional artists share their talents. Drawing can be very satisfying, and it only takes practice to become good – anyone can do it! Check out the list of free drawing classes available now.

Give a Next Level to Your Paper Airplane Game

It’s a little easy to stick to our screens right now, so why not mix it up by going to the basics? So glad to be seen in the paper craft! This is the perfect way to entertain kids in between home school sessions. We can all build a simple paper airplane, but can you build a UFO or The Sea Glider? Click here to get started.

Get a World Tour From Your Living Room

There are many sites that offer easy-to-use resources that make it easier than ever to explore the world from your home! Take a 360-degree view of the Northern Lights, wander around dozens of World Heritage sites and view Mount Everest from a helicopter. Thrillist has put together a simple guide on where to find these amazing virtual tours.


Always Support NHS by Sending Them a Free Postcard

This is a fun activity to reunite with your friends and family or keep your kids engaged during the lockout. You can also choose from a different variety of beautiful postcard designs or shapes and write your own message! Your kids can write lots of fun messages to their friends and family and this teaches them the value of media other than digital. You pay a small P&P fee, instead of going to the NHS. Book blog asks for donations to help. They have already surpassed their goal, but you can help them achieve more! You can also look at these amazing NHS freebies.

Try to Access Free Teaching Resources From Twinkle

Twinkle is helping a lot people in providing free teaching. It actually specialize in creating many educational resources which can be used throughout a child whole learning journey. Many types of packs have been created by the skillful and quality teachers which can provide the whole schemes of work, including the lesson planning and also some assessments to make teaching very easier. In order to show their support and help during these tough days of COVID-19, they are offering many sort of resources which are completely free. Keep an eye on all the options and always searching all the links and websites because it can make teaching your kids while sitting at your own home without doing any sort of hard work.

Posted on: 01/22/2021

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