Get Cash by Listening to Music

At MegaFreeStuff we want to share some good news and it’s awesome that there are ways you can make money by listening to music.

“There are two ways to escape the misery of everyday life: music and cats,” the profound man once said.

We know you can get paid to take care of cats, do you know how you can make money by listening to music?

Well, that’s what Slicethepie offers.


How Can You Get Cash by Listening to Music?

When we say music scout, it does not mean a boy fighting next to a campfire in shorts with his trusty Swiss military knife.

This is what Slicethepie calls a music critic.

They pay you to share your opinion before new songs are released. These reviews go directly to unsigned artists and help improve what they are working on. This is why it is so important that the reviews are specific and constructive. You can also get paid to view ads, fashion products and other branding areas.

Fortunately, to write a good review you do not need to know anything about music! It is actually very useful for you to be aware of both types of two word expressions. If you still feel a little intimidated, you can find some simple tips via this link.

Reviewing with Slicethepie

The ‘Scout Room’ is where all the reviews take place.

Bands upload their tracks to the room. Slicethepie then randomly selects them for you to listen to. All tracks are anonymous – as long as you review them. What this means is that you may not know what you are reviewing. This is so smart.

To review a piece of music, you must listen to the track for at least 90 seconds before you begin writing. It is better to say your opinion more deeply and specifically. However, your review will require at least 45 words

Next, you rate the path from 1-10

Then, fill out a checklist of how you would describe a song if it were a person. For example, is music fun? Are you playful? Glamor?

You’re done! Click ‘Submit’ to proceed to your next review.

Review as a Pro

The tricky bit gets the most money out of your review.

Rather than a flat rate, Slicethepie pays you according to your star rating. It depends on the quality of your reviews. Reviews are determined by the following criteria:

How close your rating is to the average score obtained from other reviewers. For example, when other scouts give only 3 people, you will have less accuracy if you think a song deserves 9.

Whether your concept is comprehensive and meaningful will really benefit the artist.

How active you are as a scout is also an idea. More the number of reviews you do, the higher will be your rating. However, this does not apply if you do not take the time to properly review the tracks.

Your ability to find successful artists and the ‘tip’ (which is more in a moment).

Based on our tests, your rating will rise to one star for every 30 tracks you review. It assumes you are listening to enough song and trying on your reviews.

When you first sign up with Slicethepie, they will ask for your email address.

This is important because you need to make sure it is similar to your PayPal account, which is where you get paid.

Even if it takes a while for it to start multiplying, once you hit $ 10 you can withdraw and access your money. Remember to keep track of those star ratings.

Be Like a Star

Your star rating will increase how much money you get for a song. For some reason, even though it is a UK company, Slicethepie pays everyone in US dollars. But don’t worry: you can easily change it with your PayPal account.

Pretty standard guide to how much Slicethepie pays (converted to UK Pence):

– One star: 2 p for review

– Two stars: 4p for review

– Three stars: 6p for review

– Four stars: 8p for review

– Five stars: 10 p for review

The total amount you will receive per review will vary depending on the items you are reviewing. Generally, you should expect your payments to be between 1-15 pence.

You can make money by reviewing and earning a ‘tip’ for every ten reviews you make.

Tips can be used to support a band you think is very good. If the band gets to the next level, the band will get free stage bass.

This means you can get their album for free. But then you can also choose to buy deals that have the right to make money from their album sales.

How Much Cash Can You Make By Listening To Music?

The money you earn for a review also depends on the particular scout room you are reviewing.

Slicethepie has over 10,000 reviews per day, so to keep up with the demand, they charge per track based on how many reviews of each route they allow.

So, if there are a lot of people who want to review, the amount of reviews that can be received on each track is increased and each reviewer earns less.

This works well for bands that get high feedback, but not so much for low paid scouts.

Sometimes, it works the other way around. You may be invited to a scout room where higher priority tracks will be operated at a higher rate than usual.

You can earn extra money by recommending a friend. If someone else posts the code in the Visit Your Friend area, they will receive 10% of their full review revenue for the next year. For example, if each of your three friends earns £ 10 a week, you will get an extra 3 without doing anything. All of these will increase. Also, there is no limit to how many friends you can specify!

Imagine you are earning 15p for a song you listen to. This means that if you listen to songs on average three minutes and ten in half an hour, you see an hourly return. It may not seem like a big deal, but the best thing to do when you do something else like eat or watch TV is until you pay more attention to doing decent reviews.

Some Other Music Review Sites You Should Try

Here are some other sites you might like:

Hit Predictor

At this site, you can choose the types of music you want to listen to rather than mixing anything and everything. This means sometimes you don’t have much to review.

Whatever you write will go to artists, producers and record labels. So your ideas will shape the future of music.

Get 3 points for each song you listen to. Once you reach 500 points you can enter raffles for ra 50- $ 100 iTunes gift cards or free DVDs and CDs at 1,250 points. There are lots of contests to enter and other prizes that you can win every day.

Music X-ray

In addition to selecting favorite genres, you can also tell Music X-ray what your favorite artists are, so you can choose as much music as possible for the things you like using the site’s luxury software. This means sometimes there will be a lot of songs, other times – nothing. Depending on the artists uploading.

Music X-ray helps connect successful success stories with recording labels and producers, as well as setting up fan bases as artists begin to assert their position in the music industry.

You will be given some money to listen to 30 seconds of a song. You can withdraw money from your PayPal account in the same way that Slicethepie manages it.

This music research station helps you determine what tunes to play on local radio stations.

Since this is an invitation only site, the only way to join the review team is to give your email address to one of the phone interviewers who may call you about a radio survey over the phone. They then send you surveys calls to your email account. You value short music clips to reward with substantial Amazon gift cards.

Posted on: 11/08/2021

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