Get Cash By Shopping Around

When it comes to beauty products, are you a boots card collector or a super truck stroller?

There are many of us, but research shows that you should not be the best way to get a bang for your buck, just shop and match prices.

65% of women at have identified that they are at risk of doubling down on best-selling beauty products. Now that’s ugly!

If you want to save more than a few pounds here and there, be sure to read on to learn how you can save hundreds or even thousands with mortgage, energy and insurance price comparisons!

Shop ‘Till the Penny Drops

New research has found that women spend more than twice as much on the best-selling beauty products depending on where they shop. Popular products such as Batiste Dry Shampoo, Bio Oil and Radox Shower Gel see prices rise by up to 167% depending on whether women visit Super Truck, Boots, Amazon or Sainsbury.

Despite the fact that the average British woman spends $ 20 a month on beauty products, 13% never check the price of these items, and 53% consistently fail to compare prices.

The shopping basket of 20 most popular beauty devices reviewed by is 220.09. However, women by not shopping. Research shows that you could lose a discount worth 56.67 – which is 26% savings.

High Street Horrors

Research has found that compared to 20 beauty devices, the price of some items doubles depending on where you shop.

Very different products include:

Dove Nourishing Maintenance Rain Oil: Super Truck 48 2.48 on Amazon.5 6.59, 166% increase

St. Yves Apricot Scrub: £2.05 at Superdrug – £5.25 at Amazon, 156% increase

Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Shampoo: Boots 99 5.99 Amazon 95 13.95, 133% Increase

Radox Feel Upgraded Shower Gel: Super Truck 98b Amazon 62 2.62, 167% increase

Sensational storage

Xavier Bio Oil buyers can save up to 28 6.28 by shopping on Boots and Super Truck on Amazon. In the meantime if you are in the market for simple facial cleanser wipes, go for the 70 1.70 cheaper super truck than this product boots. In the low-budget beauty spectrum, you can skin the popular Lip Solve Vaseline 30% lower than the price of boots (£ 1.95), saving 79% by shopping on Sainsbury’s and Amazon (£ 1.50).

One in 20 products reviewed shows consistent prices among retailers – Dow Beauty Cream Bar. This home option can be found on both boots and Sainsbury’s for 80p, although despite being a best seller, this product does not come on sale as an item on Amazon or Super Truck.

Said Sezer Yurdakul, global leader in online marketing at Voucher box; “There’s no stopping for beauty lovers, so it’s important that you shop to get the best deals – even on low-value products.”

“Actually checking out store offers that can make many purchases cheaper is always worth, as well as factoring in online vouchers and ads – something that almost a quarter of you (23%) have already revealed you did. Take a look at the full list of products, find them cheaper now and even more survey intelligence. ”

Beyond Beauty – Shopping that Creates a Solid Gold Contrast

Are you annoyed by your travels? Think beyond Beauty, you may realize that what you can save on cosmetics is only part of what you can save if you think about your big bills.

One of the most common reasons for choosing an energy or insurance company is that it has been in your family for generations or is too troublesome to shop.

At MegaFreeStuff, we’re made it incredibly easy to compare company prices, and you can do this by using our simple tools below:

Consider your energy

Energy prices reflect the market and obey supply and demand laws.

Energy companies offer customers a wide range of tariffs, from fixed rates to fixed variable charges, such as the supplier’s default down line, which sets a specific price for a specific period of time. It actually means that some packages are better deals than others. And the meanings are that some energy packages are better than others.

However, in December 2016, of gem research identified 66% of all UK households with a fixed variable charge, which is often one of the most expensive.

Between June and September 2016, at least 10% of people who switched to an energy supplier for both gas and electricity with saved $ 618 or more.

See if you are in that 66% today to shop using our energy comparison tool.

Manage your Mortgage

When mortgage lenders and estate agents bombard you with information from all sides, it can often seem very difficult to get your feet on the property ladder.

When you first take out a mortgage, you usually sign a fixed rate contract for two years, which gives you a competitive price. However, as these first few years pass, you automatically switch to a constant variable rate, which will trap you in the loophole as prices rise from there.

In July 2017, Citizens Advisory compiled a report that looked at prices from six major mortgage providers, who represent three-quarters of total UK mortgage debt. They found that the average customer can save 9,439 per year if they switch to a fixed rate contract at a fixed rate.

They found that first-time buyers would receive even more cheese as they pay an additional $ 1,359 a year after their fixed rate contract expires.

Many people don’t really know that they are paying more, while others say they don’t like the stress of shopping.

Well, we’re partnered with L&C, the UK’s leading free mortgage broker, to give you expert advice on the right mortgage agreement. Whether you are buying a new home, re-mortgaging a new contract or buying investment property, L&C may help, and you will not pay for their advice.

Break Out Your Bank:

Current accounts manage your daily life, which is why it is so important to get yours right.

But it is always difficult to understand whether bank customers are getting the value of their money or better somewhere else.

In 2016, the Competition and Markets Commission released a report which states that 60% of the personal customers have stayed in the specific and one bank for over 10 years.

The CMA proposed that banks regularly ask customers to check whether they are getting good value from their banking provider. If you shop to find your best bank account deal, “Annual savings can average 6 116; from £ 89 for customers who do not use overdraft, to an average of 3 153 for overdraft users.

Money on your car insurance

Car insurance is a legal requirement and will cover your expenses if you are involved in an accident.

Comparing car insurance is not really what you want to do in your spare time, we understand, but consumer intelligence has shown that paying for it, in May 2017, they said you could save up to 2 282 by shopping.

Consumer intelligence is particularly concerned about older generation drivers because the average car insurance premiums for those over 60 have risen by 20% in the past year, but not even a quarter know what they are paying.

This means millions of people may pay more.

Posted on: 05/08/2021

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