Great Tips to Get Free Wedding Stuff

You’ve actually met your love in your life, you’re engaged too, and at the current time now you’re ready to think about your big day … how to begin?!

Weddings are very expensive and there is a lot to think about and plan for, and it will quickly start to sink. Never be afraid, at Mega we want to give you some tips to get wedding freebies! Everyone loves free stuff, and getting free wedding supplies for a week that you can eat at hard-earned savings is definitely welcome. By grabbing the amazing freebies in the process, grab a drink, sit back, relax and find out how you can make the wedding plan enjoyable!

So where to start with free stuff? How about before you get engaged?

Yes, you asked me exactly – whether you expect a project, or want to propose your other half, of course you need to know the required size of the ring. You know, 3 in 1 couples in the states buy rings together. Your ring choice is more likely to be a joint venture, so to make life even easier, why not order a free ring chaser?


Ring Sizers

Some reasonable jewelry stores offer free ring saucers that can be printed online or delivered to your doorstep for free. All you have to do is click on one of the freebies here and enter your details to get your mitts in your free ring size. Choose from Ernest Jones or H. Samuel.

Once your loved one has accepted your plan (congratulations!), you are ready to start planning. Continue reading to see some free planners for you to get started.



Planning is the most difficult part of any wedding. This is the part where you have to balance the schedules, food requirements, a budget and all the extra stuff with military accuracy. It’s time to come in your pocket and say goodbye to the hard earned money!

At this precious time, any freebies plus are most welcome, plus getting your hands on a guide already prepared for you is like “Where do I start?”

If you’ve seen your adult life on rom-coms and wedding-themed movies, it’s very easy to imagine how everyone knows what they do, except you. In the world of Helens, you may feel like a hopeless stranger from the bridesmaids.

Wedding Advice Magazine has created a whole host of awesome guides to help you get planning for your big day! They have a checklist for the day order – it would be great to get your head around about the opportunity to play the day and find out what is important to you. In addition, there is a complete wedding planning guide, four big tabs to help you break your big day plan into bite-sized particles. This will make planning a success! All these guides are created for you in Excel format and are waiting to be downloaded and fill in the wedding details of your dreams.

If none of these checklists pick up your luxury, take a look at this highly functional and incredibly detailed wedding template. This awesome ready-made guide is available in PDF or Excel format – the choice is yours. You can customize the list yourself to fit your special day perfectly.

Why not plan one step ahead and really make money from your wedding?

You heard exactly what you were saying!

Bridal Guides offer a new booking bonus plan so that the bride and groom can find their perfect wedding suppliers and venues and reap amazing rewards from booking with them! The good news is that this deal is not limited, meaning you can enjoy unlimited booking bonuses on a wide range of locations and suppliers. You can enjoy free upgrades, gifts and sometimes even get a refund on your reservation – make money from your wedding!


Dismiss those Calls

Your wedding invitations will set the tone for your big day and will be the first taste of your guests coming up. For this reason, you definitely want to spend your time choosing the right design to suit your needs & the type of wedding you want. Loads of businesses offer free samples of their products, and you should definitely make full use of this! A design may look beautiful online, but when it comes down to it you realize something important – free samples give you the opportunity to capture and compare body copies, which not only calls the layout, but also helps determine your decision.

Before you look at freebies, why not consider sending your wedding invites 100% free! Evite offers an amazing service that lets you customize and send beautiful calls, even via email, share link or text. This option is definitely eco-friendly, so it’s the perfect option for those working towards the planet’s zero waste lifestyle.

If you want to get a job done right, you have to do it yourself!

Take a look at these amazing stationery and craft freebies that are sure to give you the materials you need to inspire your Facebook design! You can pick up some free gel pens from Paper Chase with their 5 voucher gift. Additionally, you get a £ 5 voucher when you join the Hobby craft Club, which means you can choose from a wide range of free decorations and craft items for your wedding. Add the ultimate touch to your home invitations by slipping into some free confetti!

If you leave the hard work to the experts, I Two Designs offers a free sample service, giving you the opportunity to confirm the shape and size of the design you choose, the quality and colors of the coatings. Point!

PAPIER also offers a Fab service, which allows you to choose from their generic sample pack, customized sample pack (for just 1) or completely free personalized samples of your choice.


Book your Guests and Get Rewards

You’ve got the motivation and attraction from your family and friends to decide where to hold your wedding, and you’ve finally settled into one place. No matter where you choose the most special day of your life, you will have to think about shelter for loved ones who travel further distances to watch you walk down the aisle.

In this day and age, we are very lucky to have something like AirBnb that offers quick, easy and affordable places to stay at 65,000 locations around the world. If you are unable to accommodate your wedding guests in a luxury hotel (let’s face it, who can actually afford that luxury?) This recommendation scheme will be on your street.

If you are new to AirBnb, visit the site to book your wedding guests for your big day and you will get a free 25 voucher! If you are already a devoted AirBnb customer, do not be afraid because you will still get £ 15 voucher for successful referral. So what are you waiting for? Get mentioned and book your guests so you can make some serious savings from your wedding day – these holiday vouchers will be perfect for your honeymoon.


Customized Hen Do Gifts

Hen Healing Make good bags and wedding favors can even be a dream or a total dream, if you want to be creative! It can be tricky to start where you want to make sure your chickens feel special, but it can be tricky to know what everyone is getting on a tight budget.

If you are planning your wedding for several months, a year or more, there is plenty of time to sign up for full freebies, and wait until they roll through your letterbox!

Luxury essential oils are a simple way to enhance your gift bags with lots of little bits and pops, which enhances the thinking of your Thanksgiving printers. Simply ask for some free argon oil from Argon!

Join the 7th Heaven’s Angel VIP Club for a chance to snatch free masks before reaching the stores. Keep an eye on these other things in your inbox.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Scentopia’s mailing list for freebie flavors payments. They offer dozens of free perfume sprays inspired by Alice in Wonderland every Friday.

Speaking of Wonderland, if you want to make an (always popular) Alice’s Wonderland themed hen du, why not make delicious tea based cocktails using free tea samples?

Be our favorite irrigation hole for beauty free, Debenhams Beauty Club!

Here are some of the incredible freebies we have received from members of this wonderful community! Sign up now to catch up on free beauty accessories – perfect for creating a customized nice bag for every chicken at your pre-wedding party.



Check out these places for the hottest new matches

Another way to get free stuff for your big day, with minimal effort, is to enter competitions! We have rounded up the best places to check out awesome wedding-themed payments:

– National Wedding Ceremony

– Wedding Ideas Magazine

– A fab day

– Love My Dress

Free stuff from Mega

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Posted on: 13/05/2021

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