Have Cash By Selling Your Hair

Did you know that your hair has value? You can really make money selling your hair! But how do I sell my hair today?

We all remember the scene at Little Woman when Joe sells his hair because the family has to make money. When they all cry together about the locks she lost, they are all comforted by the hard money they all got.


Sell Hair for a Wig: Start to Grow Them

Before you think about selling your hair, you must first start growing and grooming it. Since most companies prefer hair that does not have chemical treatments, your hair can not be colored, allowed, highlighted or colored. You will need a lot of this too – at least six inches.

Hair should be clean, healthy and shiny. Traces of cigarette smoke or over-the-counter medications can last a long time after washing your hair.

Remember if you think: Can I sell my hair to a wig company? Actually the makers of wig are hair experts, so if they find damaged hair they will throw it away and you will play a crop without getting paid.

Unusual natural hair colors are at a party because they command a higher price. Your hair is healthy and you can get more for it.

Before cutting your beautiful locks, be sure to contact a wig seller and find out how much it will cost to sell your hair type. This way, you can see if cutting everything is really worth it.


Sell ​​My Hair: Some Tips to Keep Your Locks Healthy

Regular trims will keep broken and split ends away (it’s best to trim every six to eight weeks, but don’t overdo it!)

Healthy body = Remember healthy hair. Make sure you get your calcium and protein for strong hair

Wash all products from your hair at night as they contain a lot of chemicals that will dry out your hair.

Drop your hair dryers, curling irons or flat irons, hairspray and other styling products now! This dry hair comes out and causes hair breakage and split ends

Instead of drying the feet, dry the towel

Braid your hair overnight and in the morning you will have beautiful waves without any damage

Even if you wish, do not brush your hair more than twice a day, and do not use a high quality vent brush when you do.

Oils such as rosemary oil, cedar oil, juniper berry oil and lavender oil can help lock in the moisture of your hair. Apply the oil at night, comb your hair and moisturize your hair. It will not break when you sleep

Go Natural – Beer and egg whites make great hair conditioners.


Sell ​​My Hair: Start Marketing

Market your new product online. First, we recommend buying buyandsellhair.com, an advertising site for buyers and sellers of human hair worldwide. Advertising is very cheap, only £14.50 for a few months. They will not take any commission on the completed sale and everything you do will be yours, so it is worth a try.

Otherwise, trust Gumtree and you will find plenty of ads from Wigmakers who are willing to pay the asking price for your hair. If you are going to post an ad to promote your hair, you should add:

– Clear, accurate images (mostly elongated)

– Add description of hair length, color, quality, type of hair

– Contact details.

Keep it simple; Wigmakers already advertise for hair in the country, so you do not need to waste much time writing your own. Responding to ads can be very helpful.

Remember – Wigmakers are not the only ones looking for hair. Market yourself in places that others have never thought of, like hairdressers working with extensions. Almost all the Hair colleges actually need human hair supply and even high quality paint brushes are made with human hair.

Check out your local hair colleges. Make a few calls and find out what they are willing to pay for your hair. Keep in mind that your ad details apply here as well. You may also be wondering: Can I sell my hair at a hair salon? So it may be worth trying them out. Only thing you need to keep in mind that people will want to know the condition, length, color, quality and ethnic type of your hair before buying. It may take some time to research, but the payoff can be huge.


Sell ​​My Hair Online: How Do I Cut?

If you are ready to take the fall and cut those locks, it is important to remember that hair buyers are very clear about how you should cut your hair.

HairHarvest.co.uk’s advice is here:

You are welcome to go to your local hairdresser and tell them that you are going to sell your hair and have a ponytail / ponytail cut off. It is placed around a ponytail or scalp around the back to get maximum length from the hair. There may be different ponytails. We emphasize that the hair should be protected very tightly in a ponytail / ponytail as the hair must be rooted to be complete. We cannot accept loose hair. Please do not place your ponytail (s) as you will have to evaluate them on their natural condition. Send it to us by mail.

Put your hair in a plastic bag with your name, address, phone number, email address and the full name of the person to whom we would like to pay the check (we can also pay via PAYPAL for international payments). ”


Sells Your Hair – How Much Can You Expect?

Selling your hair can be very lucrative. Bloomsbury Wigs will pay up to 200 for your hair. They will cut it for you. Before some crazy scientists show you what comes with clippers – they cut off your ponytail.

The UK’s leading hair buyer, Banbury Postiche (Wigs UK), pays up to 7 per 25 grams of hair. The longer your hair, the better the price!

You may want to try other ways to sell your hair, and wonder: Where can I put  my hair up for sell? Go to Gumtree which is open for talks where many wig makers want to buy hair. Buyers may also be very close to you – some are even willing to buy baby hair, so you can make some money from your baby locks as well.

Posted on: 08/07/2021

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