How to Be Aware and Avoid Online Scams

Beware of falling victim to online fraud? For us too.

At MegaFreeStuff, we always have to research about the latest trends and ways for you and your family to make money.

Unfortunately, there are others out there who will try to trick you into paying something and promise to make more money.

It can come in many forms as people set up new and improved ways to make money from you.

To help you avoid such risks, we have listed some of the most popular tricks that people use to swindle money.


Know How to Become an ‘Influencer’

An ‘influencer’ is a person who follows a large social media.

These individuals basically spend their online appearance on YouTube, Instagram or Twitter, and the life they live seems perfect.

Fashion, beauty and travel brands give them plenty of money to wear their products, use their products and visit their resorts. The influencer will then share the content about the brand on their sites. No wonder every man (or woman) wants his (or her) dog to be an influencer.

Unfortunately, a lot of great influencers know a lot about this and give their followers the opportunity to take ‘online courses’ on how to become like them.

These courses cost over £ 500, but nothing real can be offered in return.

At the end of the day, influencers and brands that sell the course will not like too much competition.

If you want to be an influencer, don’t pay someone to study online. Instead, work on your photography or film production, and try to grow your community naturally.


Trust ‘Psychics’ to Let you know about your Future

No one can see the future, and people who claim to be able to talk to the mentally ill or the dead are fraudsters, manipulating people to give money.

There are thousands of people who claim to have occult powers. Not a single person told the truth (not a shred of evidence). Paying someone to give you financial advice using ‘special powers’ is the best way to waste your money.

Simply ask yourself: If someone could see in the future, why wouldn’t they see the lottery numbers? Or the results of a great horse race and winning millions for themselves every day?

If you see an ad or are thinking about paying someone to tell you the future, do yourself a favor and throw your money in the bin. That would be a great app!


“I Will Make Millions in the Stock Market” Scam

If you haven’t seen all the footage of Wolf Street wolves and traders selling guaranteed penny shares that will explode in value at any moment, you should check it out.

While traders are no longer allowed to do such practices, that does not mean it has stopped happening. It has simply changed.

Once upon a time, people used social media to connect with people who wanted to make a lot of money with minimal effort.

By promising to use their ‘skills’ in the stock market, individuals promise to spend other people’s money the right way and then pay back thousands.

But you will not make money by relying on this new type of fraud.

Your money will be withdrawn and then a message will be sent two days later stating that the market has changed unexpectedly and that the volatility has caused a big loss. The money you sent is lost.

That does not mean we are against investment – far from it. But you should read credible sources and doubt any ‘quick rich’ chances.

Of course, there are other ways people try to catch your money. It is impossible to list them all.

But below are the key points you need to keep in your mind:

– If being honest seems too good to be true, it probably is

– Never pay for something you don’t know

– Never provide personal or financial information

Posted on: 15/04/2021

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