How to Date on A Budget for Valentines 2021

Many people think that dating is expensive and requires a lot of money. You do not need to spend a lot of money on dating and tickets to spend a good time. When you are going to a date, many questions come to your mind like where should I go? What should I talk about? And the most important thing is budget how much I should spend? In fact, many dates are free and no matter where you live there are many things you can plan for a prefect budget date. If you want a budget date, then think of free activities and available discounts.

Dating on a budget is possible and here are some tips for you from which you can plan your date on a budget,

1. Go Out

You will be amazed to know about the places which you can visit for free on a date. There are many places in the country that you can plan to visit on a date and it would not cost a cent. There are many free events near you that you can visit and to get information about these events, you can check your local newspaper on daily basis.

Plan a picnic to park or garden nearby on a beautiful weather. There are many stunning and beautiful parks on island of UK that are disfigured and are free to visit –, and are the sites that you need to visit if you want to find a park near you.

On bigger bookstores you often find poetry events, live bands on weekend evening, free lectures sessions on all topics, so you easily find these types of events across your country on bigger bookstores.

One of the things that you can do on a date is that you can wake up early and go to place with a beautiful scene and after that you can go for a breakfast, So search a spot on your countryside. You can also go for hike or to a mountain to feel the nature. By trying something energetic like this, you can impress your partner and save a lot of money.

Another thing that you can do on a date is that you can walk on beach. Take frisbee and your dog with you on a beach and play with your partner, take some lunch with you too. You can play different games, collect shells, you can hunt carbs, and chill out on a peaceful ocean. You can search for nearest beach at good beach guide website.

Another thing that you can do on a date is that you can volunteer your services to any organization. There are many organizations that need people for volunteer services, so you and your partner could be the one. Although it does not sounds like a good idea for a date but you can do something good for your society by doing this.


2. Eating Outdoor

There are many ways to enjoy a romantic dinner or lunch on a budget. Search for the restaurants that provides good and meal and offers. There are websites that will give you information about bars, clubs, restaurants, and other locations. You can also tell the sites about what you like and what you do not like about the place you have been. You can register yourself for free and recommend other peoples if you know about a particular restaurant. It will save some of your money.

Sign up on Taste card for a free trail. You will get 2 in 1 offers on loads of restaurants and save a lot of cash.

On Open book table you can book your meal. Here you will get 50% off deals at one of the best restaurants across the country. This site is full of helpful reviews, maps and suggestions. If this is not enough then after every 5 meals, that you booked by the website the next one is free for you.

Instead of arranging an evening meal go for breakfast as it is much cheaper than a dinner. You can see on different sites like,, and about the places where you can have a breakfast.

Keep in your mind that there is no shame on using discount vouchers on your date and as there are many discount available on date so it is necessary that you should avail these opportunities.


3. Date For Free

Going with someone special is not only a fun but we do a lot of things to impress that person. So, with a little preparation and a small effort you can make a memorable date for that person. Here are some ideas that you can do to make that day interesting and memorable in your budget range.

Free theatre is a site which you can sign up and for just signing up you will get a free ticket of theatre and a spare seat. But you must pay £3 because that is an admin fee. If you want to watch a movie then sign up for free to watch a free movie.


Free TV shows

You can see a free TV show on your date, for this you can sign up for BBC shows. Another option for you is Lost In TV, where you sign up for free and can get free invitations to TV shows. You can also add yourself in their mailing list to receive updates on any new shows for your date.


Free Attractions

There are many free places you can visit all over the UK. You can find information on free festivals, parades and free event or you can search by putting your postcode.


Museums and Galleries

There are many museums you can visit for free in UK. London is a city with rich history and it has a lot of museum and galleries that you can see. To find a place near you, you can visit the Visit Britain site, this site will help you to get information about all of the attractions of the United Kingdom.


4. Dating in Cold Weather

If the weather outside is not good and you are waiting for the sun to come out then do not worry because there are many more things that you can do on a date in cold weather.

Going to a cinema for a date sounds like a tradition in the country but if you plan to go to an Independent Cinema on a date then this could help you a lot. In an independent cinema, you can enjoy your private space and also you will be able to save more money.

Other than the Independent Cinemas, Coffee shops and Pubs are one of the places where you can go for a date. While going to a date, take cards or other board games with you and play there. By this, you will be able to spend some time with your partner and you will save money too.

You can also spend an evening at your favourite band’s concert or at a TV show for free or a lower price on a date. This could be a great idea to have a date on budget because it does not cost much. TheaterMonkey and are the sites that you can use to find tickets for these kind of shows. These type of sites also help you to get discount on concert tickets.

Another idea for a date on a budget is to go for stargazing at night. There is an app named as SkyView that will tell you about the stars and their names. You can go to a site in the night and enjoy your night by just watching the stars.

One of the simplest way to have a date on budget is to stay at your home. You can cook the dinner together and watch a movie. You can use Amazon Prime and Netflix to watch a movie and one of the amazing thing about both of the sites is that both of them offer free trails to the new users.

So these were some of the ideas that you can use to date on a budget. Each idea has its own benefits and you can choose the one that suits you the best. Do comment If you have an idea for a date and let us know about your experiences.

Posted on: 01/12/2021

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