How to Get Profit from Selling Your Shoes

Having a profit by selling your shoes sounds much strange. Most people don’t even about that they can get some cash or earn some sort of profit from their shoes, but it is true and if you have more trainers or more boots that you can possibly wear then don’t wait. Take a photo of them and make a list of your stuff on eBay, because it is the best site to sell your unwanted shoes with a great profit.

Al you need to do is to follow the below advice as they provide you the best options to have some extra money along with getting rid of your useless stuff or stuff which you want to sell.

Always Get a Toe Into Different Online Marketplaces

The number of peeps that buy the shoes they want before every day. So go online and check it out. Lots of people sell their shoes. Sure, most are women, but there is a market for men’s footwear as well.

Ordinary apartments and oxfords make up the majority of the population list. Now, a pair of Christian Louboutin heels are on sale for £30,000 on eBay, despite being clearly worn in advance.

Contrary to what you may think, bestsellers are not killer 18”platform heels or celebrity-worn collector-item sneakers. On the contrary – we know the new crypto-currency used shoes for ordinary people like you – the most stable sellers are practical shoes. Yes, the type worn by thousands on trains and planes. Of the thousands similar, it is dismissed as having no real value after reality.

So, dig around your space. Your shoes do not have to be in mint condition, and even worn pairs can find the buyer. Always try to read different things and sell your shoes.

Let Yourself Know About The Biggest Buyers

Believe it or not but Baby boomers is the biggest place or buyer. It is actually the best place to sell out your old stuff at a very great rate.

Baby boomers are a little old now. Adulthood – often causes foot problems. As a result, the demand for comfortable shoes continues to rise. Just like their price. Every boomer has the opportunity here because of the lack of old school, hard currency pensions. They are ready a second time to look at shoes as a little tread.

You can also find it sold to students, vintage shoe collectors or theater clothing departments!

The Best Selling Brand

If the shoe is relatively comfortable, it will be sold. eBay resellers recommend brands such as Aetrex, Dr. Comfort, Drew, Fin Comfort, Rockford, SAS Tripod Shoes, and Vionic.

If you are willing to do your research, you can go the extra mile to charities, bazaars and other second hand stores. You can buy in bulk. You can flip your bags on eBay or Amazon.

Aside from the brand, make sure you consider the styles and colors that are in style at the time.

If you are in the business of selling shoes, you can try to make money selling vintage footwear.

Ways to Sell Shoes

First step is to set the price low – but not too low. You want the Goldilocks effect of getting the starting price right to trigger the bidding war. If you have some high quality products available (think of the shoes they grew up with before a young man had the opportunity to grind tex), you may want to set a higher reserve price.

Keyword Baiting – Make sure your product description matches the most popular search terms (eBay is the most effective).

Start a new account – If you are a fan of free lists with a new account, start one. However, keep in mind that using new accounts limits how many comments you can get all the time: after a while, it’s good to see your ratings racket with the same account!

Include plenty of pictures – show the shoes in as bright a light as possible and add photos of any imperfections so the buyer has no reason to complain. Make sure you check the rules on eBay for selling as there are a few. So always follow the rules.

Make sure you include the USA in your market settings – but set the mail at a reasonable rate for sending your package to the USA. If you are going to take this seriously, remember that returning customers is very important to ensure consistent demand. Always be polite and make your tone much friendly so that the customer loves talking with you.


Always Check the Price

This is where the rubber meets the road, you bid on shoes or list at a fixed price. If you want opportunities to start a bidding frenzy, go ahead with the auction. Also, while you are at it, pay the fee for setting the reserve price so that you have at least some control over the price you get for the item. If you are not sure, indicate the price for selling. Definitely do some research beforehand so you can maximize your profits.

Quick steps to explore your exact price:

1- Look for the item you want to price

2- On the search results page, scroll down to the left edge, ‘Sold Lists’ and ‘Pre-Owned’

3- Tap any of the other filters that apply (size, color, brand)

4- Sort results from highest to lowest to find the best price associated with the item

Since the active listing does not reflect the selling price, it is best to check the completed listings on eBay during this process. This way you will find factors that affect the item sold, such as if the ship is included or what time of year it is (winter shoes sell best in the colder months).


Find Shoes to Sell

Do not look for anything other than your own wardrobe. Turn over your suitcases. What’s in those boxes in the attic? Which shoes will your friends no longer wear?

The Mirror cites research that reveals that British women typically own 24 pairs of shoes. How many of them actually wear it? Maybe you can leave a few and get cash instead – before all of those apartments and boots lose resale value.

Once you have checked your spare shoes at home. Goto your local charity shops and markets. And do not miss the opportunity to pick up shoes that you know can be sold online.

When looking for shoes to sell, check them properly. Did they walk on the ground? Is the shoe perforated or worn? It’s important to be careful because you don’t want any of the shoes you sell to slip.


Be Aware of Scammers

Always be aware from the people sending you messages with very high prices for the item. This should turn off the alarm bell. Usually, they will come forward to pay a large amount on PayPal to avoid any eBay charges. If you send them your PayPal account details, you will receive an official appearance email confirming that the money has been sent, but it will still be in the account after you send the product. This is definitely a lie. You will never see that money.

Keep an eye on buyers’ accounts with zero feedback. Or if the positive feedback they have is simply from used accounts – it is fake accounts that the buyers may have set up to give compliments to their account that is active. Either way, be safer than sorry.

Never share your personal contact details or address with anyone. No one needs to take shoes off in person. Use eBay messaging. Also, keep in mind that if you ever feel embarrassed, make sure you report the buyers behavior on eBay. As they may approach other sellers in the future.

Posted on: 05/11/2021

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