How to Make Money from Your Receipts

Many of us are in the habit of throwing away our receipts. In fact, most of us don’t even bother to ask or even try to take from the cashier. Surprisingly, you can easily make money from having receipts, and most can easily do it from your phone.

So this is actually a magical way to make money from receipts. This usually includes uploading them to certain applications.

Get Paid for your Receipts

Grabbing receipts and then uploading them to these apps is a quick and easy way to make money. It doesn’t matter where they come from.

How Do I Sell My Receipts?

Download apps like Receipt Hack on your phone and take a photo of any receipts you have. After uploading, you will receive redeemable tokens for Amazon vouchers or PayPal credits.

Once you receive 1,000 credits, you can choose to receive a PayPal transaction, Amazon e-gift card or Visa / MasterCard code. You can earn money from winning loops, which allows you to play on the virtual slot system as an opportunity to win credits worth the total amount of your last shopping transaction.

If you consider that you can easily upload up to 20 receipts per week on Receipt Hawk, then it can be very lucrative.

What Should I Think About This?

Apps like Receipt Hawk work on collecting data and doing market research on your purchases, so this may not be for you if you are concerned about privacy. But keep in mind that this is anonymous, data buyers know what you are buying, but they do not know who you are.

How much can I make with sales receipts?

For every 1,000 points you receive an Amazon 5 Amazon voucher, 1,500 points will be credited with பால் 5 on PayPal. This is not a mega box, but a simple way to make a little extra money without having too much work.

Want to find another simple way to earn regular £ 5 Amazon vouchers? Check out our reward program Macbeth Money.

Start Receipts in Supermarkets

How do I do that?

The best place to find abandoned receipts is in supermarkets, where they are often discarded at self-testing machines and sites. Just like uploading your own receipts on mobile apps, you can upload what you have collected. In the same way, you can earn money and vouchers by taking a photo of the receipts and submitting it to apps like Shop prize UK, Checkout Smart and Green jinn. You can also make money from nectar Card points and supermarkets like Asda and price guarantees.

What should I think about this?

It is not illegal to take or use other people’s receipts, and for some companies they may be subject to approval. However, most people have enough receipts about their daily lives.

How much can I do?

According to other cash savings sites, those who try to sell a lot of receipts in a week can earn an average of $ 250 a month. Keep in mind that this really depends on the level of your commitment, but it is possible

Request Cashback on Receipts

Asking for cashback on your groceries does not have to be done in store, in fact, there are now many cashback websites where you can take advantage of offers.

How do I do that?

Apps like Shopmium allow you to get cashback on some of the products listed on their website. You need to download their app and create an account. Then look for offers and find the item in your local store, after purchasing the said item, make sure you have your receipt and upload it in the app. You can withdraw money by PayPal or bank transfer. Other sites like Top Cashback and Quid co do the same.

What should I think about this?

Cashback sites often take time to put money into your account, so you need to be patient if you are expecting money quickly. Don’t forget to check it because it can be monthly in most cases.

How much can I do?

It depends on the products you buy and the retailer you buy. It’s hard to give average from this kind of effort.

Take Advantage of Withdrawal Offers

One of the best ways to save money on purchases is to have receipts listed behind the offers.

How do I do that?

Simply keep your receipts and check if any offers are listed in it, which you can use the next time you buy something from that particular store. These are more common than most people know.

The best way to avoid missing out on these offers is to stick these receipts in your fridge every time you receive them and then attach them from time to time to use them.

What should I think about this?

Usually offers are valid for a limited time, so make sure you do not miss them. Some may not be worth your time, but others can be very helpful.

How much can I do?

It is better to think of this as an attempt to save money than to make money. There are all kinds of offers advertised by different retailers. Always peel off your eyes.

Hold Onto Receipts After Large Purchases

The woman looks at her supermarket receipt

Most large purchases include warranties for a limited time, usually one year. Therefore, holding a receipt for yourself can be useful at some point.

How do I do that?

It is best to have receipts for electrical items in their manual so that you can find them quickly. Or keep a special place in your home for this. It could be a drawer or a folder.

If you ever have a faulty item, take it to the store where you bought it and present proof of purchase to them. Usually, you will receive a replacement item if the item is returned within the warranty period.

What should I think about this?

Even if your warranty period expires, you can still get a false benefit under the Goods Sales Act. It can be anywhere for up to six years.

How Much Money Can I Make?

This will vary depending on the item. Let’s say your ho 200 hover failed before you expected, you can get a new hover for free (you have your receipt).

Always keep receipts for bigger items.

Posted on: 26/07/2021

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