How to Make Money from YouTube?

YouTube provides you a very good platform of making money. There are many people who are using YouTube for making their money, but many people didn’t know about how to use YouTube for getting money from it.

All the need is to make exciting videos about anything in which you are good. Plenty of people are earning thousands of pound from YouTube per year. If you are good at making videos which actually are meaningful to others then YouTube can make your career and you don’t need to do any other hardships for sake of money.

Here are some important tips to make money by using YouTube:

How Much Can You Make from YouTube?

Making of money from YouTube depends upon a lot of factors such as how much viewers your video attract and the type of advertising that is displayed, so first need is to make your video well enough that force people to watch it and then make a good advertisement.

Now many of us thinking about how they can make attractive videos but it’ quite simple. For example if you are good at cricket and know well about it then make videos on some specific moments of cricket or give some informative things about cricket  in your video so that it forces people to watch it .likewise cricket there is many more things on which anyone can make attractive or informative videos .

Advertisement of anything is the special factor if someone wants to give popularity to some specific thing. Like if you need to make video popular then you have to make a well advertisement of it. By following these factors plenty of people are making plenty of money for them. Some might earn around 60p for every 1000 views, while some make money every time an advert is clicked. So make a good advertisement to make people eager in clicking your advert to make good money.

That’s why the number of amount that different YouTube videos make vary hugely. Because some videos are much attractive and well advertised while some are not too good to have a look on them, so because of these factors some people earn few hundred quid while some earn thousands of pounds, but you can be the one who earn thousands of pounds by putting hard work, by making an attractive video which force people to watch it and by making good advertisement of your video.

What Kind of Videos Can Help You to Make More Money?

The most watched video make more money. Now you have a question in mind that how to make your video more watched? Now everybody do have a special kind of talent, but the need is to know what specific kind of talent you got or in what particular thing you are good at. Mean some people are so much funny and can make any one laugh so these people should make videos related to some sort of fun, because they are actually good at making funny stuff and they are capable of making an amazing video to watch.

Some of the people do good photography and know the skills of taking a better picture, now these people should make videos in which they help people to know about photography tricks and give as much information about it as they can.

Main thing behind a successful or most watched video is not the length of video nor the graphics. All you need is to find your interest, find a thing in which you are good at and then make an attractive and informative video on that particular thing which according to you is the best in you.

So key to make more money is to make video of your interest and once you make a video of your interest than it would be easy for you to earn thousands of pounds in a short time.


Step By Step Instruction to Make Money on YouTube

If you want to make money from YouTube then these tips can help better – 

– Setup and build your YouTube CHANNEL
– Add content
– Build an audience
– Monetize your videos
– Get at least 4000 watch hours to start earning money
– Set up Google Adsense
– Check your analytics
– Market your video elsewhere

Now in order to start your video making these all steps are much essential. Once you start to make a video then there are many other things that surely help anyone to be a successful YouTubeR. One of these things is your content. Whatever the specific topic you choose to make a video make sure that it’s content should be family friendly, because if the content is not family friendly then there is much less chances to have more viewers on video and there is also much less chances for you to make money.


How to Film And Upload Your Video on YouTube?

It’s vital but quite an easy step in making YouTube video. All you need to do is to give a specific kind of title to your video. Important thing to know about giving a title is that your title should not be much longer nor small. Always try to give some specific kind of title which is quite easy for anyone to search, because if your title is so much rare to that of other videos than people might find it difficult to find your video and ultimately the viewers percentage will decrease and then you can’t make big money for yourself, so always keep in mind to give a suitable and short title to your video.

Keep Checking Your Mail – 

If your uploaded video got large number of viewers than YouTube will send you email asking you to apply for revenue sharing and if you got approved than you will be able to get money from the specified video which is mentioned in the mail.

That’s why keep checking your mail so that YouTube can let you know about your videos.

How to Become a YouTube Partner?

To become a YouTube partner all you need is to upload some videos and get some views out of them. Once your video got some sort of viewers than becoming YouTube partner is not much far away from you. There is a question that how many videos a person need to upload to become a YouTube partner? Actually there is no specific formula or specific number of videos which a one needs to upload to become YouTube partner but there are some things that they will take into account. One of these things is the number of audience you got mean larger the number of viewers, more the chance of becoming a partner and lesser the views, lesser will be the chances.

The second important thing that YouTube might take into account is the content of video that’s why content of video should be good.

Once you are approved as a partner, you can turn on revenue sharing for the rest of your videos, but if YouTube rejects you as a partner than you won’t be able to become a partner for next two months and you need to start from step one.

How to Get Google Adsense?

Now if you are accepted by YouTube as a partner then you’ll need to make Google Adsense and then link it to your account. As you make an Adsense account than YouTube will start paying through this Adsense account.

So the only thing to do is to make an Adsense account so that YouTube can pay you from that particular account.

Posted on: 09/08/2021

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