How to Save Money this Christmas?

The most wonderful and expensive time of the year is near to come. There is one common thing between diet and budget that both tend to be expensive. Even those people who have been careful about their budgets at Christmas time when lights go up, they tend to go little crazy.

Here we will tell you how to manage budget on Christmas time –


1. Stock Up In the Summer Sale

Have you ever noticed that at stores sales seem to be pop up suddenly. Before a new arrival comes in stores retailers shift the old stock at sale at the end of season. Which means that at the end of season sale is the best time for Christmas shopping. Also remember mid-season sale because autumn sale is near too before arrival of Christmas. So, look at the sales at your favourite retailer and get it before the clearance of the good stuff.

Due to pandemic many shops are facing shortage of stock and closing the sale. You can catch real bargain here. But keep in your mind that it is the thing that you need and want. So, try to find not damaged or faulty stuff because you cannot be able to return it when the shop shut down.


2. Buy Gifts With-in the Year

One of the best ways to spread the cost throughout the year is to buy the gifts for your loved ones at different times of the year when you see rather putting the whole burden in December.

So, you can mark that book which you dad or cousin love in February. You can buy the toy which you kid have been asked in June or a suit that you love, appear on a rack in August. Rather than waiting you can bargain the things when you see. And the best time for buying gift is summer or mid-season sale.

By this way you can manage your budget but dividing it by 11. Also remember to include the cost of Christmas dinner. That is how you can save a lot from January to November.


3. Online Discount Codes

You can use online discount codes to save a lot of cash on high street retailers. Here are some sites that can help you find the online discount codes: This site updates you with many offers. You can save a lot of cash on bags, toys, clothes and many interior items. This site provides deals on sport equipment’s like computer games, sportswear, games consoles and even cars. So, checked it out and save thousands of cash. This is one of the biggest discount sites of UK. Voucher code provide offers from household’s name brands. Many stores like Ted Baker, Miss guided, Gap offer up to 70% of discount.

There are a number of other sites too that you can use to save some money.


4. Cashback Sites

Discount sites are different they offer cashback on the money you spend. On great and expensive occasions like Christmas, it is a great idea to sign up to the cashback sites to increase the amount of money you save.

The first thing you need to know is how they work? Cashback sites have joined agreement with host sites and retailers. It means that a half percentage from the amount you paid is returned to you back. All sites have different term and policies and the time it will take paid back to you. Thus you should do your homework before using any of them.

Here are some sites where you find biggest cashback This is one of the biggest cashback sites, with retailer including Very eBay and look good amongst the 4500 plus that have signed up to work with them. It is also another big and reliable site. Top cashback users get an average 345euros back every year. And this is enough to buy on Christmas.


5. Shop for the Next Christmas

No, you will not find them but later you can find. We love to catch and reduced Christmas card, wrapping paper, crackers and other festive materials once January rolls around. When Christmas is over, prices become low suddenly. Through this discount you can snap Christmas essential item to your trolley and by this simple trick you will save a lot of cash for the upcoming Christmas. Hide the items in your cupboard until Christmas comes again but do not forget where you put them.

If you are careful shopper who starts preparing for Christmas as sun rise than we love to know how you will do this. You can share your experience over on the forum.


6. How People Do that?

Let me tell you about some of the real-life experience that how people save money through shopping.

Once a lady picked up £700 worth toys for £200 from summer clearance sale at Argos and her shopping include trucks, monsters and cars. She not only uses to set up these toys for two birthdays but also for Christmas.

Another mum spent 80 pounds at Asda, not only she buys gifts for Christmas but also for the birthday of her daughter in the upcoming year.

Clearly you can save a lot of cash but you need to be sure about the items you want. You must think that the clothes which you are buying will be in fashion or impress you kids for the upcoming winters. If you would not buy these items or wants to replace them in a few months’ time, there is a time ahead.

Posted on: 28/07/2021

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