How to Save Money With a Home Spa

Spa is a business that provides different tips of improving health, beauty and relaxation treatments of hairs, massage and facials. A spa day is relaxing experience and can help your health a lot but unfortunately on some basic treatments it costs about £18 but sometime on few treatments you spend about 100 euros. So, why you do not save money and create a spa day at home for yourself and you can invite your friends to join you. A spa day at home can be an excellent way to relax and release tension while saving a big amount of money.

In and after the time of lock down it a good idea to make yourself busy at home and doing something that could help you to feel relaxed and healthy at home. Especially in this current climate it is a better idea. But keep in your mind that social distancing is still important if you are inviting your friends at home for a spa day or if you are in a hosted spa.

Here are some tips that how you can save money with a spa day at home.


Recreating treatments at home

Treatment at the hosted spa is expensive for even the cheapest treatment it cost about 20 to 30 euros. There is a lot of variety when it comes to what kind of treatment you need and flavour you want to use. Spending some time on Google can easily help you know what type of things you can need. Instead of buying body scrubs at home, make your own scrubs at home and the best thing is that they are inexpensive and you can easily find all the ingredients at your home like oil, honey, salt, sugar and even coffee.

One of the best scrub is the Coconut Oil Scrub that can help your skin to be smoother and healthier. This scrubs include coconut oil, honey and oats that makes it special among all.

Besides these things you can also create different treatments like face mask, facials, hair oiling, manicure and pedicures and other treatments by searching on Google. Another option is that you can purchase face mask and body scrubs from shop, and it cost about 5 to 10 euros but still cost less as compared to spa. If you do not have so much time the best and simple way for home spa day is taking a bubble bath, this can relax you a bit.


The Spa Atmosphere

If you have ever been a spa before than you know very well how you can feel the relaxing spa atmosphere at that moment. Spas have its own mastered tricks and they know what exactly makes your mood and make you feel relaxed. It is definitely a good idea to create a spa atmosphere at your home to feel comfortable and relax. Although it is a bit difficult task but it can help you make your spa day.

So here are some of the tricks on how to make spa atmosphere at home –



Aroma is the best part of spa atmosphere. Whenever you enter a spa this smell helps you feel relaxed. If you like a particular smell that you like such as scented candles and perfumes you love than try to create that scent or aroma in your house on spa day.



The next important thing of a spa is the lighting and the soothing effect they give. Diming the lights if you have dimming switches but if you don’t have them then do not worry because lighting a few candles can help you to feel you good and appropriate mood.



Music is one of the best parts of spa atmosphere. There are many playlists on meditation and relaxation which you can find easily.  You can also find playlists that suits you and help to feel you relax and comfort on YouTube.

There is another option that is you can check out apps like Nature Space, Spotify and Calm where you can find sounds that feel you relax and suits you. These sites can help you to find playlists that will suit your mood.


Remove Distraction

We live in a world in which we cannot live a single day without using a phone, tablet or laptop. However, this can cause stress and anxiety. But when you are at spa the only thing that makes you feel good and relax is to side all the things that make disturbance. For that you must side all the things like your phone, tablet and noisy kids.


Keep Hydrated

It is important to stay hydrated during spa experience. For that add some few of your favourite fruits and herbs to water jug, add up some more ingredients to your water.

Cucumber, lemon and mint is the best combination that will make you feel a bit special. You can also put some snacks to enjoy your treatment. You do not need any exotic food, keep it simple. Fruits, some veggies and sandwiches are good choice it makes your mood fresh.

It is a good way to make your sap day at home feel luxurious and make yourself feel special.


More Money Making And Saving Ideas

If you experience the spa home treatment successfully than why not you make your own ingredients and make some money. Check articles like how to make home-made treatments. If you are interested, you can earn money by making these home-made treatments and save some extra cash by making your own treatment methods. You can also get beauty freebies to make your spa day even cheaper by clicking here.

Posted on: 26/06/2021

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