Our Guide for New Freebie Hunters

Whether we are breaking world records by asking our favorite restaurant to give away free burgers for free or joining a two hour queue to get free donuts, there is nothing to underestimate the length people have to go get freebies from MegaFreeStuff. But when joining a freebie game, there are certain rules you must follow to make sure you use it. If you are an experienced free object hunter, you can learn one or two.

It Probably Sound too good to Be True

At times, the urge to get some of our favorite brands for free can sometimes obscure our judgment. As Professor Dan put it: “Most transactions are an upside and a negative, but when something is free we forget the negative. Name of free basically gives us an emotional charge, and we feel that what is being offered is far more valuable than it really is. ”Actually, this means that if we get a free, we will gladly forget the old knowledge of our old friend. Make sure you know what you are getting. Make sure the freebie is genuine (no, you will never get a free £ 1,000 gift card) and always read the terms and conditions so you know what you are actually signing up for.

Don’t Expect Much

Full-size freebies are very rare, and most free products are offered in small sachets or small envelopes. The main goal is to try the product to see if you are interested in a future purchase, so do not waste the hard earned money on something you do not enjoy. Also, don’t expect to get every freebie you apply for. Even if you ask for every free sample, you will only get 70% of them. If you find that your incoming mail is a little low, do not give up hope – keep applying and you will never swim for free. To confirm that applying for a freebie is worth your time, check out T&C to find out how many models are available and how big the product will be.

Apply for Freebies

It is always worthwhile to write letters to companies or email them and ask if there are any models you can try. When contacting businesses, they send out large boxes of free items or payment vouchers to let people know that they are truly enjoying their products. Likewise, if you don’t like something, tell me. You may find that companies are only happy to offer alternative freebies and extra products if their products are not scratched.

Never Feel Guilty

Don’t worry, your favorite companies have not lost millions of pounds since you ordered some free products. In fact, they are more beneficial than you think. For each sample packaged and shipped, there are possibilities for a new customer. Let’s face it, you are given a product for free and if you really enjoy it, you have a chance to buy it again.

Always Set-up Second Email Address

This tip is actually the most important tip for anyone who is in search of freebies or want to get freebies from any side. Many people are much worried about spam mails and wrong calls but it can be avoided. To get rid of wrong calls and spam mails always set-up a second email address, telephone numbers or social accounts and all the others which are needed in claiming a freebie. So don’t wait and try to make second email as early as possible to get rid of spam mails and wrong calls.

Always Get Ahead of the Competition

There are numerous number of ways by which you can get a freebie before anyone else. First thing which you need to get your freebie earlier is to sign-up for the newsletter. By signing in you will receive the top and branded freebie notification on the daily bases and it is a great chance to get freebies before anyone.  You can also check out our Facebook page,we sometimes post freebies there first., you can also check out our Telegram for freebie alerts.

Posted on: 14/04/2021

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