Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was created for the web page

The privacy policy outlines the various areas concerning user privacy and summarizes the responsibilities and requirements of the webpage, the owners of the webpage as well as its users. In this policy you will also find information on the the way the web page stores, safeguards and processes any and all user data and statistics.

The Webpage

A proactive approach to user privacy is taken by the owners of this web page in which they guarantee that all proper procedures are taken to ensure that during their visit and encounter their users privacy is protected. This web page abides by all national laws and requirements as in terms of user privacy as required by the UK government.

The Use of Cookies

Cookies are used by this web page to enhance the experience of those visiting the web page. This web page uses a control system for cookies wherever relevant which gives the user the option of disabling the use of cookies on their computer or electronic device. This is in compliance with legislation requirements which were recently passed for web pages in which clear user permission must be obtained before they are allowed to leave or read cookie files on a user’s computer or electronic device.

A cookie is a small file which is saved on a computer hard drive; cookies trace, save and collect data on the interactions a user has on a web page. This information provides the web page server with a way to give a user a more personalized experience while on the web page.

It is recommended that is a user does not wish cookies from a certain web page to be used and or stored on their computer or electronic device that they disable them from their personal web browser which can be done in the security settings section, this will block cookies as well as any external vendors from the web page.

In order to have a greater comprehension of the visitors to the web page it incorporates the use of tracking software to monitor the user. Google Analytics is the provider of this software which uses cookies as a tracking device for user movements. This software allows the cookies to be saved onto your computer or electronic device hard drive and will trace and keep an eye on your activity on the web page, it will not save, store or gather your private information. For more information on Googles privacy policy visit

There may be various cookies saved on your hard drive from exterior vendors by the use of this web pages referral programs, advertisements or sponsored links. These cookies are solely used as a form to convert and referral tracking and generally expire after only thirty days, some do last longer but no private information is gathered, saved or stored.

Communication and Contact

Anyone using or contacting this web page and it’s owners do so of their own volition and any personal information provided is done so at their own risk. As explained in the Data Protection Act 1998 all private information is kept that way and securely stored until there is no longer any use for it. Although all measures are taken to provide safe communication and information storage users are advised that the information they provide is done so at their own risk.

The information provided to this web page and or its owners is used only to impart relevant information regarding services and products being offered or to be able to better answer any questions or inquiries that may have been made. This may be a way in which the can add you to a newsletter program via email but only once that has been explained and you have given clear permission for them to proceed with email communications.

If you the client has asked about or at some point may a purchase which is directly related to the above mentioned email newsletter this information would be used to further these email newsletter updates. This is not in any way a complete listing of your right as a user when it comes to email marketing information which you may receive and you private information is not shared with any other third parties.

Newsletters Via Email

A newsletter program via email is used by this web page in order to keep subscribers informed on the various services and products offered by the web page. Via an online automated process a user is able to subscribe but this is done so at their own volition. There are some subscriptions which are processed manually via a written agreement previously made by the user.

The UK Spam Laws which are explained in the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 are used when making these subscriptions. Following the regulations on subscriptions which are stated in the Data Protection Act all personal information is securely held. There is no sharing of personal information with other companies, people outside of the company or third parties not in operation of this web page in general. The Data Protection Act 1998 that you are in the right to solicit a copy of any and all personal data the web page email newsletter program may have on you. If you are interested in a copy of the above mentioned information you may communicate to the web page address provided at the end of this policy, there is a small fee for this transaction.

There may be tracking equipment in the emails published by the email marketing campaigns of the web page and or its owners. User activity is traced and saved in a database, this information may be used to analyze and evaluate at a later date. Some of the information traced could possibly include; emails opened and forwarded, links in an email being opened, the dates, times and how often their is activity and much more.

This information is gathered to improve future campaigns via email as well as provide the user with more pertinent information based in their recorded activity.

As required by the Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 as well as the UK Spam Laws users are allowed at any time they please to withdraw their subscription through an automated process. At the bottom of each email campaign you can find this process detailed. If there is not an option to unsubscribe automatically then there will be detailed information on how to subscribe some other way.

Exterior Links

The content of any external link on this web page cannot be guaranteed or verified by the owners regardless of how hard they try. We advise users that the owners can in no way be held responsible or liable for any implications and or damages brought on through clicking on any external links provided within the page, users do so at their own risk.

Sponsored Links and Advertisements

There may be sponsored links as well as advertisements contained in this web page. These are posted generally by our advertising associates whose privacy details in relation to the advertisements they share are detailed.

By entering any of these advertisements you will be sent to the web page of the person advertising via a referral program; these may include cookies to trace the amount of referrals visited from this web page. These cookies can quite possibly be saved on a computer’s hard drive. We advise users that the owners can in no way be held responsible or liable for any implications and or damages brought on through clicking on any external links provided within the page, once again users do so at their own risk.

Social Media Programs

Each social media program has its own personalized terms and conditions which anyone participating within must adhere to. Any engagement, communication and activity taken place must respect those terms and conditions.

We advise our users to use social media wisely, do not engage in communications, activity or providing information that is private without being careful when doing so. Our web page or the web page owners will not solicit private or sensitive information via social media and advise our users to use other forms of communication such as a phone call or an email when it comes to discussing or divulging sensitive or personal information.

This web page may incorporate the use of buttons for social sharing which make it easy to directly share web pages on social media platforms. Using social media buttons is done at the discretion of the web page users. Keep in mind that a social media platform could trace and store the request to share the web page via your personal social media account.


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