Some Easy DO’s and DON’T’s of University Budgeting

There is nothing we like more than budget at Mega Free Stuff. Well, this is not true but we agree that budgeting is a fantastic way to control your expenses, especially considering the fact that you can save up to $ 400 a month! But, according to the 2018 survey, no more than one in six will suffer. Keep reading as we reveal the do’s and don’ts of the university budget and control your spending today.  If you are a student you can also check out our free student stuff here.


You Have to be Realistic When University Budgeting

When writing your university budget, it is important that you adopt a sense of realism. Do you really need to eat three days a week? Do you really need a range laptop when your old laptop is fine? We are not called kilo joys, but adopting a realistic idea about your budget will make your money go a long way.


Don’t Go Overboard While Trying to Budget

Just because you are budgeting and keeping a hockey eye on your outgoings does not mean you have to go to extremes, eat only once a day or do your laundry once a month or say once every few months. All important (plus one or two dinners), it is important here to budget and stick to it. You can still have fun while on budget!


Do Try and Save Money from Specific Areas While Budgeting

Do you shop at one of the big supermarkets?  Why not try shopping at Lidl or Aldi, where the quality is very similar, if not better, but for a fraction of the price. This shows that you can always save in some areas, then you can save some extra cash yourself each month.


Don’t Make an Excuse While University Budgeting

If not, give yourself a month to overcome your budget, don’t make an excuse for yourself. Instead, you always have to learn from mistakes. After all, it happens best in us. Make sure it is not a habit!


Do Try to Earn Extra Money

If you worked out on a budget then it doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and earn some extra money. This would actually allow you to allocate extra money to do the things which you love to do, instead of cutting back. From freelancing to getting a part-time job, there are many ways for you to get extra cash during your time at university.


Don’t Always Do University Budgeting Alone

If you can’t manage to make your University budget and are struggling with working out a budget, help is always at hand. Family/friends, your university, MFS are just three groups of peeps who are always happy to give you a hand if you are struggling to keep your budget.

Posted on: 23/04/2021

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