Some Easy Ways to Save Money This Christmas

Christmas is a magical time, but all the extra costs can be really devastating and make you much worried. Gifts, decorations, food, drink, parties … the list goes on.

In many cases, stockings may seem like an unnecessary addition. According to Barclays Card and Net Mums, the average Christmas stock is estimated to cost a whopping 71.

Can you really hit the exciting feeling of visiting Santa on Christmas morning? Stockings are a festive favorite and that’s why it should not be a cause for concern during this Christmas. Play your freebie cards properly and fill your stockings with zero cost and get plenty of freebies.

Save Your Money By Getting Freebies

First, click now to learn how you can get a free Maltese reindeer and, Filippo Berrio is giving away 5,000 freebies so be quick and click to win anything from Beeswax rolls to cookbooks to oil & vinegar sets. These are perfect for the eater in your life!

Claim a free £ 5kiki.k voucher by signing up for their newsletter. This voucher has no minimum cost and can be used as a lump sum or contribute to a larger one. kikki.K stock is perfect for storing all kinds of lovely stationery, home ware and gifts.

Take the Nix Quick Web-Quiz and get a free sample to look for Woollens in wet, winter weather. Last year we got a polar proof wash! Choose a promo pack of Cocoa Pops, Rice Crispies or Cornflakes to enter the shelf kit to win the Elf. It makes fun festive decoration for little ones (and big ones!).

Give a free gift with Promise Cards this Christmas to the dear one. Each pack contains 10 cards and can be used to deliver festive promises or to stick to New Year’s resolutions.

Get Free Food for Your Stockings

Food Freebies make the perfect stacking fillers – always keep an eye on the free food & drink page for all the fresh and great ones. The hardest part? Stop eating them until Christmas.

Apply now for these delicious treats:

– Lily O’Brien Luxury Winter Chocolates

– Maltese reindeer

– Fruit-tella sweets

Here’s the chocolate treat we got last year – the perfect stocking filler for any eater!

Get Free Food With the Help of Cash Back Apps

Shopmium and Checkout Smart are really useful apps as Christmas approaches because they can help you a lot in saving money. They are both updated regularly with new freebies and offers that can store and store fillers.

If you are new to Shopmium, sign up now using our promotional link to get a free Jar of Nutella There are a lot of other great offers and discounts as well! So be fast and sign in to those apps to get free food with the help of cash back.

Claim for Free Food from Online Orders

If you are more of an online shopper then a supermarket sweeper then you are very lucky when it comes to food freebies.

Science bury and Tesco often have freebies available, add to your basket, enter the coupon code and the cost will be deducted from your basket.

Use Free Tea Samples and Fill up Your Stockings

Is there anything which can beat a good cup of tea? We don’t think so. Fill your boots (and mugs) with free samples of tea, it is also a awesome little stocking filler.

– Free Tea Set from Dorset Tea

Save Your Money By Getting Free Makeup and Beauty Products

Makeup and beauty products are the best in making stacking fillers, as well as great ways to try new products. All you need is to see the free Health & Beauty section for Beauty Freebees.

Little tip: Health and Beauty freebies are very popular that end quickly.

You can also have your hands on these free beauty products today:

– Free Jelly Eye shadow

– Free skin care from the Estee Lauder

– Free Full-Size Police After Shave (Ultimate Men’s Storage Storage!)

Additionally, make sure to sign up for Debenhams Club. They release new Beauty Freebies almost every month (sometimes very often) and make lovely storage gifts:

These are actually just some of the beauty freebies we received from Debenhams Beauty Club last year. So join now, save yours and you will have some fab stacking fillers. November Beauty Freebie Chanel Lipstick. Get it as early as you can before they run out! We will take ours soon – we hope it looks like Gerline Day Cream and Genetic Moisturizer:

Stocking Freebies for the Kids

There are plenty of great kid freebies to fill up the little one’s stockings this year which you can get from many markets. These markets include:

– Free Play mobile Toy

– Free Spies in Disguise Toys

– Free Storm trooper Bowl

– Free Be Kind Key ring

– Free £10 National Book Token

– Free Sticker Book & Pens

Plus, if you want an extra special festive surprise, then treat your little one to a Free Letter from Santa. A letter from the big guy himself will be actually something they’ll treasure for years to come.

Top tip: the last posting date for these are usually early December (to ensure the elves get Santa’s letter out in time!), so make sure you apply for yours ASAP.

Get Freebies for the Furry Friends

Who told you to leave your puppy or your loved cat having fun this Christmas? Filling the stockpile with pet freebies is easy:

– Free Cat Behavior Guide

– Free Vogue Dog Treat

– Free pet food from Crave (full-size)

– Free Platinum Dog Food

– Free Lilies Kitchen Dog Food

Get Birthday Freebies and Fill-up Stockings

Are you lucky enough to celebrate a birthday in November/December?

Instead of worrying about doubling the rewards, think about all the extra opportunities you have to store fillers …not by rifting! But by the use of your birthday freebies and putting them in stockings.

Claim a free pair of socks from the hobs, which adds a lovely storage addition. You can also score a birthday £ 5 voucher at these great stores by joining their Loyalty / Reward Scheme:

– Paper chase

– Body shop

– Marks & Spencer

– Hobby craft

All without the minimum cost. With a total of £5 proper stacking filler, these reward programs are worth signing up for even able to pick up the Hobbs candle – so take your fancy anyway!


Posted on: 24/06/2021

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