The Art of Balancing Your Side Hustle & Primary Job

If you are thinking of making extra money and want to build your skills and experience then you must start a side hustle. In the past few years the trend of side hustles has been massively increased. According to a stat, about 16 million people of the country has a side hustle to boost their income. After the pandemic, the economy and businesses are recovering slowly but market jobs have greatly decreased down. Many people are looking for a passive source of income for themselves and are working on side gig beside their routine and it requires balancing time and priorities.

It can be difficult at times to balance your full time job with your side hustle, you may feel exhausted at times and it could be difficult to manage your daily life task. So to sort out that problem, I am writing this article, so here are some of tips for you how to balance your full-time job with side hustle.


1. Whether to Have a Side Hustle or Not?

If you have creative hobbies, a particular skill or have a business mind then side hustle is for you. You should work to make multiple sources of incomes because then your side hustle income would act as a bonus for you. It means that if one of your business is going down then you have the other source from where you can get income. The extra cash you get can be used to pay the debt without disturbing the lifestyle or you can use for saving, investing money or for pension fund.

Beside the financial benefits side hustle gives you opportunity to learn new skills and you enable yourself to face challenges in different areas of work. Thus a side hustle helps you to develop your career, learn new skills and experiences in particular areas.


2. Managing Your Time

Beside your daily routine, if you start a new business it could be overwhelming situation. Keeping this factor in mind, the most important thing is how to start a new business and how to manage the time? Try to get some extra time from your primary job and devote it to your side hustle. Here the question may arise that how does this be helpful for freelancers and for people who are doing multiple jobs? To solve this problem, make a plan and a proper time table for yourself and stick to it. Try to follow your plan, this can help you in splitting your time for work.

Make use of your spare time, utilise every minute of your day to make it useful. Keep in your mind that reading web pages about freelancing or watching tutorials on YouTube would also counts in your business time.

The most important thing is that if you want to rise your business then you need to dedicate your time regularly. Commit yourself to spend some time on your side hustle every week whether it is 5 hours or 20. At the start, it can be little bit tricky but with the passage of time, it will become easier.


3. Schedule according to your Accessibility

Everyone has different way of spending time, way of working, schedule and routine. So, plan your schedule and make use of it as much as you can. If your habit is to wake up early in the morning, then use your extra time on your side hustle or vice versa. Devote time to build up your side hustle that you spend on commuting.

If you can work in the morning, then ask from your boss to give you some extra time and make most of your morning at home. You can also work 4 days a week instead of leaving a whole day to dedicate to your side hustle.


4. What to Leave?

The biggest problem among the new generation that they think that they do not have enough time. Everyone has their own schedule but there is always a space to free up some time if they are really in to it.

According to statistics of Finder, we spend 22 hours of our week watching TV and about 14 million subscribers are using Netflix, Amazon prime and TV. Apart from these two time wasting activities, another is social media and people spend a lot of time on it. So these are the things that you need to leave in order to give more time to your side hustle. By this you will have enough time.


5. Doing a Side Hustle With Kids

Childcares consumes so much time and it feels like you do not have extra time to do an activity but when your children are at school, you can use the time to do a side hustle or a job. You can share your problem with other parents in order to know what solutions they have. Talk with any of your friends or family members who will help you in taking care of your children’s even if it just for two hours after the school. These all changes will free up some time for you and allows you to focus on individual projects.


6. Long Term Planning

A time will come where it feels like you have taken on too much and you want to quit. When this happen doubtlessly it helps you to know exactly what you want and what are your goals? Even though at that time things might be hard but as you spend time on side hustle it will pay you back for longer terms.

At last accept that success does not come directly. Many people rarely announce the number of hours, months and even years that they spent in building their brand and success but it always takes time and effort to be successful.

Posted on: 06/10/2021

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