The Best 10 Ways to Make Money without Doing Any Work

Make Money Without Doing Anything. Imagine it!

It may seem like a fantasy to sit back and relax, without making any effort, and see more coming, but in reality there are ways you can make money without doing anything.

Well, we do not guarantee that you will be able to earn a full time income while watching TV all day long on the couch, but there are ways to earn extra money that you need for a very small amount.

1. Bed Testing

Can you imagine getting paid to sleep?

It really gets paid to do anything.

And, incredibly, some lucky ones, so do it!

Surprisingly, it is very hard work to get due to the competition for such a position, but there is no harm in maintaining your confidence.

Most people first introduced the idea of ​​a bed tester in 2006 after Hotel Chatter called a professional to test 25,000 beds.

If you are looking for a bed testing job and want to do the competition boldly, keep your eyes on the big companies that, for whatever reason, will need / need a lot of beds. It could be a hotel chain or a supermarket like John Lewis or take care of the bed making companies themselves, especially the suppliers to the hotels.

Becoming a bed tester is not possible, so why not watch it?


2. Have Pay for the Question

Have you ever been told that you don’t have the money to stand around and do anything?

Well, here’s the job that actually pays you to do it.

You can get paid to stand in line (otherwise called sitting in line).

Not sure how this works?

Well, we are sure you have seen long queues as people are waiting in line to be the first person to join hands on the latest Apple product, even staying overnight during the incessant rain.

Chances are there will be some wet souls in that line and they will pay someone else to sit there.

There are people who are interested in getting the latest iPhone or newly released concert tickets or who can work. These people may also be willing to pay you to stand in line for them.

While popular in the US, not many people know about ‘sitting in line’ in the UK, so you may have to introduce this concept when you drum up business.

The amount you earn depends on how much people are willing to pay and how often they get the job.

Advertise your services on Fever, Gumtree and any social media site you use.

Click here to learn more about getting paid in order.

3. Have Pay to Download an App

How do you get a £ 5 Amazon voucher to download the app on your tablet or mobile?

All you have to do is keep the app active on your Android device for a week.

This is the MobileXpression offer.

It’s really money for anything.

If you want to earn to download apps, you should also look at the Nielsen online panel. You will not be charged for downloading it, but you will automatically enter a prize draw to win up to 30,000 prize – so there are chances of making a lot of money without doing anything.

4. Create Money-Testing Food

Do you consider eating to be a chore?

Not thinking, which is why this next money maker feels like a way to make money without actually doing anything.

You will get a firecracker cleaner between each food sample, i.e. like crackers and water, so you are a reader for taste.

Tasting sessions can last an hour or two, but it can take a while if you are participating in a focus group.

This is a great way to offset your income depending on whether you complete a questionnaire or participate in a focus group.

Click here to learn more about getting paid to test food.

5. Listen to Music

Another great way to make money without doing anything – listen to music.

Well, you have to review the music, but still, this is a fun little money maker! gives you the opportunity to earn money writing music.

This is not a way to make big money by any means, you will only earn a few bucks for a review, but if you like listening to music and commenting, is a little money better than no money at all?

6. Make Money By Just Sitting

Imagine making money doing nothing while relaxing in a luxurious home?

This is what sitting at home can provide.

Homeschooling is a growing phenomenon, with many homeowners staying away from business trips for long periods of time.

People like this often prefer to take care of a reliable house sitter house rather than leave it in danger by robbers or thugs.

Often this may involve sitting pets, so if you are an animal lover, caring for an adorable cat or cats may not seem to work.

This is not a way to make a lot of money, sitting at home for a long time starts at $ 10 a day, but it’s a good way to save – think about how much you can save on rent, utility bills, food, etc. sitting back home.

Click here to learn more about sitting at home.


7. Make Money By Not Wasting Money

It may seem like a scam, but in reality it does nothing to waste money – and you can save a lot of money.

Let’s start with you and start negotiating a little more in everyday life. The small savings you can make over time will really add up, and at the end of the day, why pay more than you need?

Here is the best article on how to save money if you stumble. Look!

There are really two prices in the world – one for negotiators and one for non-negotiators. Learn more about making and saving money through negotiations.

Likewise many of us have plenty of ways to waste money. For example, do you really want to buy that cleaning product or do you have products in your home that will do the same job?

Should you buy a more expensive brand, or would a discounted brand be better?

Do you shop for things like your current account or energy bill? Or do you accept the prices offered to you?

Learn more about making money without wasting money here.

Don’t forget to sell and recycle what you no longer need. For example, did you know that you can get paid on your old phone?

Don’t throw it away, find out how much you can earn by reselling and recycling here.

8. Wait for Money for Deliveries

This is how to make money by hanging around!

It’s like sitting at home (actually it is ‘short term sitting at home’) but it is an easier and quicker way to make money than staying at someone’s house for a long time.

We are all afraid of those horrible time windows that supply companies or plumbers have given us when something is fixed for you. Sometimes you are expected to wait all day!

Some people are willing to sit in their home and pay you to wait instead.

The pay is really good, you can earn up to 8- £ 10 per hour and you do nothing but wait!

9. Make Money As a Friend

Yes, you can really make money as a friend.

What’s in it, you ask?

What the person wants! Some want to be shown around an area, others want someone to go to the movies, some want a workout friend, and some even want a Wingman!

To get started you need to register to hire a friend.

You do not have to pay anything, only people looking for a friend have to pay to register.

If someone wants your profile and you want to be their friend, you can charge £ 5- £ 30 per hour for your time, so good money can be earned.

This is a great way to make money without doing anything!

Click here to learn more about making money as a friend.

10. Get Cashback

Cashback sites are an easy and direct way to make money, but still few people join them.

Basically, by joining the cashback site, you get a little refund on everything you buy.

All you have to do is sign up (absolutely free) and shop through the cashback site’s portal. It’s like online shopping with no other option, but they can keep track of where you buy so they and you can make money.

Normally you really get paid for shopping – why don’t you sign up?

Posted on: 18/08/2021

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