The Best 11 Tips for Coping With Redundancy At 50+

The terrible possibility of redundancy at 50+. Many of us are currently worried about whether we will get back to our jobs and earn some money. It’s a very difficult thing to deal with unnecessarily at any age, but when you get a little older it suddenly feels like a very big mountain to climb. It is not impossible, we have brought you a list of top tips that you can face difficult things and continue to give good pay in your old age.


Keep An Eye on Our Plan

First things first – there are some things you can do right away if you get repetitive. Read our recurring action plan for all the help you need. It tells you what to do and what you deserve before you leave the office in a box with your belongings.


Always Be Positive

We know that 50+ (or any age) redundancy is very strict, but we want to remind you of some reasons why your age may be beneficial:


If you are over 50, chances are you already have a long and distinctive career behind you. You will have a vast wealth of experience that no graduate would expect to match.


You have also built a network of invaluable contacts in your profession; A huge plus for your future employer.


This seems unlikely, but the elderly are often able to cope with the workplace. You get into the habit of changing policies, techniques and technology and you learn to switch with them.

According to a study conducted by the Medical Research Council in Cambridge for the Channel 4 Dispatch Program, older brains are actually exceptionally well adapted and in some cases may become stronger and more active than younger individuals.

So there you have it: youth and talent do not match age and experience. If you need even more excitement, read our 63 Reasons to Be Cheerful – Guaranteed to put a smile on your face no matter your age.


Try to Make Extra Cash

When you are looking for another job, there are many ways you can earn some extra cash to entertain yourself.

Check out our 10 Easy Ways to Make Quick Money – One of Our Most Popular Articles. For even more ideas, browse your way through our money making section and you will find what appeals.


Save the Extra Cash

You can also use the money you earn more, so take it into a savings account as soon as you can. Interest rates are terrible right now – but the return on your cash is better than nothing.

Regular savers are a good choice because you have to put away a little each month (సాధారణంగా 20 is usually the minimum) and you get a good return on your cash compared to other tedious accounts currently out there.

If you are worried about where to put your money, read our Golden Rules for safe savings to help you decide.


Revitalise Your CV

Why not take this opportunity to make a new CV to impress potential owners? It may be some time since you updated yours and you should seriously consider doing so.

Sending your CV as a PDF file is a great thing. It looks more professional and slick, which shows your technical prowess. Always try to use free converters such as Doc2pdf because it can easily convert your CV.


Try To Do New Things

This is the opportunity you need to start the business you have always dreamed of running. Obviously you have to be smart and have a realistic idea, but this is your chance to be bold.

This may not seem like the right time to do it, but in fact it may be the right time if you have a good idea and some solid plans. For very easy information on how to get started, check out our top 20 tips for running your own business.


Consider Consultancy

If you have considerable experience in your profession, why not enhance your knowledge and skills? From gardening to tax advice, to PR publishing, you can theoretically be a consultant in anything.

Stay in touch with Business ‌link to find out what opportunities they have for consultants with your experience. As companies have now discovered that remote working is a great option to get the best staff (it’s yours!), you can find a lot of online opportunities right now.


Remember to Learn Everytime

If you do not want all the responsibilities of running your own business, you can still think about starting a career path. We’re got a great article about increasing your job opportunities for free. It tells you where to go for free online courses and how to listen to university lectures from the best universities in the world like Oxford and Harvard.


Keep An Eye on Age Discrimination

With employment laws prohibiting age discrimination, mature men and women can still go to the top jobs where young, ambitious wiz-kids are prohibited.

When applying for a new job or if you feel that you have experienced age discrimination from your previous employer, visit the Age UK website. It contains the entire section dedicated to age discrimination law and your rights and is a great resource for guidance on how to file a complaint.


Get Networking

There is a very low percentage of jobs which are advertised. Most of the people found it through word of mouth and personal connections. Go there to earn contacts and get networking and greatly increase the chance of finding another job.

If you are setting up your own business, join the Institute of Directors for regular networking events and help business people. Stay in touch with your local Chamber of Commerce to join and attend networking events. Talk to your local business link to find out about the networking groups they know in your area.

Go there and make sure you have a good business card and a friendly attitude. You never know what an opportunity meeting with an interesting person will lead to!


Try to Find Financial Support

As you look for work and find your next option, keep in mind that there is financial help for you. Try to see the different articles for financial tips when you want to start your next career adventure.

Posted on: 04/06/2021

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