The Best Guide to Get Free Beauty Stuff with Feel Unique

Do you like free things and enjoy finding new beauty devices to try for free?

Are you in a hurry to go to your favorite beauty counter to ask for free?

Want to control your urge to fill out the latest beauty free form online to request your favorite model? We ask you!

At MegaFreeStuff we are a beauty free addict here and we are glad that we are not alone.

Whether you are a new freebie hunter who wants to know the secrets of pros, or just want to sharpen your keen beauty hunting skills, you have come to the right place.

Before I start my best tips on how to get free beauty tools online I think it is important that you know why there are free things, especially if you are a little skeptical!


Why are There Free Beauty Models?

Companies are eager for potential consumers to try their products and provide feedback in return.

What does this mean for them?

They do not have to pay an intermediary to do research for them. The movement of companies to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter means that they can talk directly to their customers, listen to their concerns and reach new customers at the same time.


Best Ways to Get Beauty Freebies?

Glad you heard! There is a whole world of beauty freebies and you need to know where to find them. Here’s how to do it:


Join Mega Free Stuff

As more and more brands offer free beauty models every day, our team of professional free inventors is your best bet to find all the latest beauty freebies.

We have actually done all the hard work we can, so all you have to do is visit us and enjoy the freebies. The easiest way to stay updated is by signing up for our newsletter and WHATSAPP alerts, we are sending you 8 new freebies every day.


Get Free Beauty Stuff on Social Media

Nowadays Social media is becoming one of the most powerful or beneficial ways by the help of which a brand can create buzz about the new product which are being launched.

Facebook is usually the best way to follow brands because companies will create custom tabs with a free sample page where you can instantly fill in your information to get your sample. ‘Like’ the official brand pages to get free beauty offers directly to your Newsfeed.

Got this Givenchy lipstick sample from liking Givenchy Facebook page!

The best options for finding free samples are Twitter and INSTAGRAM. Take a look at any of the popular hashtags following these brands.

Some brands may ask you to like, comment or retweet, if you want to interact with brands make sure you get involved and leave a review – they may ask you to review additional products in the future!

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook too. We post all the latest freebies and would love to hear from our fans about the freebies they have received!

Pie Makeup Free from your Local Beauty Shop:

‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get it!’

We like this phrase in MegaFreeStuff. Getting free from beauty counters is one of our favorite ways to get free beauty samples because the professionally trained makeup artists who work there can recommend products that suit your skin type and tone.

Here are our top tips for getting free from beauty counters:

Don’t be shy! Makeup is so personal that it is one of the free (and easy) ways to convince yourself to buy products from one brand under another. Beauty counters have models to give, so feel free to ask!

Show genuine interest. If you seem to be after a free, the seller does not want to give you a free sample. Do some research on the products you want to try before you go inside, so they know that you are serious about the certain product.

Try and visit in quiet times. If you visit on a Saturday during lunch or a busy lunch, the seller will be rushed from the foot and you will not have time to offer free samples. The stores are very quiet and the seller can take the time with you, so try and pop in the early morning or on a weekday.


Sign in to Post Beauty Panels and Get a Chance to Try New Freebie Products

Glamor Beauty Club and Boots are our favorites. These work with popular beauty brands to reach consumers like you. Upon signing up, you will be asked a few questions about your beauty morning routine, skin, hair type and general lifestyle. This is only to make sure that we provide you with the beauty accessories that are right for you!

Beauty product testing websites are all different, and some may invite you exclusively to test a specific product line depending on your profile e.g. Skin care for acne. Others reach out to all members and take people to random testing!

They all have one thing in common, but in return for the product, they expect you to provide an honest review of how you found it. Remember to follow the review process correctly, or you will not be selected to participate in future reviews.


Begin a Beauty Blog

If you like to review products and your friends consider you a beauty or cosmetic pro, why not start your own blog or YouTube channel? It’s free to set up, and once you’ve created the power, you can access brands or they can access you!


Explore Magazines for Beauty Freebies

With the growth of the internet, magazines are now working harder than ever to attract readers. This means you will find more gifts than you bought, so be sure to check out the magazine position on your next trip to your local supermarket or spokesperson.

Recent offers include Benefit Eyelash Dye, Burt’s Bees Lip Palm and Nails Inc. Includes nail polish – this is often found on luxury spas and nail polishes.

You can also find free stuff inside the pages of magazines. Click to find exclusive discounts and freebies. Sometimes there are even coupons or money-making vouchers for skin care treatments and haircuts!


Sign in to Beauty Reward Club and Earn Free Stuff

To promote customer loyalty, major brands and stores offer exclusive beauty clubs to their members with the exclusive freebies and discounts. The Boots Advantage Card and the Super Truck Beauty Card are the most obvious, where you will earn loyalty points with every purchase you make, which can be used as a cash tool for extra time.

Our favorite at MegaFreeStuff is the Debenhams Beauty Club. Each month, Debenhams offers its members a new freebie, absolutely at no cost. Previous month freebies:

Always create a liquid highlighter

– Givenchy Lip Palm

– Kat Von D Brow Kit

– CLARINS Beauty Flash Balm

– Bare Minerals Skin Longevity Serum

This is definitely my favorite new way to get beauty free and try new products.

Offer 5 unique free samples when you sign up for their choice ‘N’ Mix offer. All you pay is £3.95 for shipping, but you will also receive a £3.95 gift voucher to redeem on a future purchase. Awesome!

You can choose from a large selection of up to 440 models and it is very easy to do. Here’s how it works:

– Choose up to 5 samples per month for free

– £3.95 Pay only shipping and handling fees

– Receive £3.95 gift vouchers in your follow-up email, which can be redeemed for future purchases (excluding Big ‘N’ Mix)

One choice ‘my’ sample choice per person, per month

They also offer a ‘try me’ option where you can purchase a full-size product with the “Try Me” icon, and they automatically send you a sample size of its fit, so you can try first … isn’t it for you?

So that’s it, my full guide to getting free beauty models, do you have any?

Posted on: 06/07/2021

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