The Best Money Making Websites

Did you want to know the quickest, easiest and most profitable ways to make a little money with monetized websites? You are not alone. Many of the readers often ask us “How do I make money online?”

Well, our downside to how to make money online and the best websites to do it – tips to help you get the most out of them.

Make Money With your Stuff

Get some sort of cash by recycling your CDs, DVDs, books and games through This is a simple site with an easy-to-use application.

All you have to do is download the app on your phone and hover over the barcode of the products you want to sell.

You will be notified immediately of how much you can get from each item. Compile what you want to sell, print the freepost label and send them in the post. If your package is large, they will arrange a free courier service to collect it.

You can pay by check, via PayPal, with an instant cash voucher or directly at your bank account.


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Make Money on Money Making Websites

Online studies

This is a break and relatively small income, but if you are on the computer anyway, you can ask some questions while you are there. It’s the best way to make quick money from your computer’s convenience, but make sure you do not pay to join a site or disclose your credit card details.

Complete online surveys for money

Here are our favorite payment survey sites. They are completely free and have received a big thumbs up from many of you. Why not set up a separate email account for maximum revenue (so as not to be flooded with emails related to your personal survey) and then sign up for all of them for free?

– Toluna – Turn the points you earn into Amazon vouchers

– Inbox Pounds – Pay £ 1 to register

– Life Points – Pays $ 10 for every 1,000 points earned, get 10 career points to sign up for

– Panel Base – Earn 25p to 10 per survey

– Feedback Group – A forum exclusively for 13-30 year olds, get 10 to register!

– Prosperity – Get paid to participate in academic research, ask researchers to reward participants 50 6.50 per hour

If you like the sound of online payment surveys, you should check out our full article on how to make money from online surveys.

Get Fees to Listen to Music

If you like your music, sign up for free at Slice Tube and get paid to listen and review music by unsigned bands.

This is not a particularly big money maker because in the beginning you only get a few pence for a review, but you have the potential to make more and more money as you get a better ‘scout rating’.

Not only is it a good way to create some extra weirdness, you can also ask the next big thing before anyone else.

Sell, Rent and Make Cash

Recycle your mobile phone

Never throw away old mobile phones. Recycle them instead of easy money.

Although this is an old crushed one that has not worked for many years, you may get some questions. Manufacturers prefer to use the chip and other electronic bits within it on other machines.

Rent your space for money

Do you have unused spare room? Or, if you really need money, can you get out of your bedroom and sleep in the sitting room?

You can get 500 7,500 tax deduction for renting a room every year. Find out more here in our rental room project guide.

Just park – Rent your drive for cash

Use your drive or garage to make money for yourself.

ETSY – Get creative and sell your products online

If you want to get creative and make jewelry or crafts and crafts, Etsy is the place to go.

This American website is specifically designed for buying and selling handmade products, so you have a better chance of success here than anywhere else like eBay.

Register your username (choose your last name carefully too!) For a basic buyer account – then upgrade to the seller’s account. There is a charge of .15 0.15 per item listed, but this includes the item for four months and the option of five photos to display your items. There is a 4% final value charge when you sell an item.

Sell ​​your photos

If you are simple with a camera, you can design a nice logo or create yourself a luxury as a writer, then you can earn money selling your products online. There are plenty of sites that sell content to websites that are always in need of contributors.

Make Focus Groups

Get cash on hand and free food and drink by participating in focus groups in your area.

There are some agencies that need people who have opinions to say what they think about products and services. One of the things we like is the Saros research operating in the major cities of the UK. They are needed by people of all ages, sometimes people who own certain things (like certain types of car) or have a specific physical problem or disability.

You can expect to earn -1 40-100 per session (usually two hours) and sometimes more.


Get your Shopping Fee

Cashback Shopper – Money for Shopping (Get £ 5 to Register!)

Some sites like Cashback Shopper List Retailers – Cashback pays for the site when they click through the retailer, and it gives you money.

Get Extra Money – See if you can get it for free!

Use the Turn 2 Use Benefits check to see if you are eligible for any of these benefits. All you have to do is enter some details like how much you earn, your council tax rate and the savings you have.

The calculator covers all the major benefits including Universal Credit and it also includes ancillary benefits such as work tax credit, council tax, housing benefit, pension loan and child tax credit. Benefit rules change all the time, so even if you didn’t qualify a few years ago, you now have a good chance of being.

According to Turn 2Us, more than $ 10 billion worth of tax loans and concessions remain unclaimed in the UK. So check out our article on claiming what is yours.

It is a free online service that searches through the bank and creates social records to see if there is any money in the forgotten account.

The official figures are up to $ 850 million in our own money on passive current, savings and creating community accounts, so this is definitely something to check.

Always give as many details as possible, including first names and previous addresses, to increase your chances of finding a lost account.

Find additional ways to find secret money you do not know here

Now More Ideas

If you like the online money makers we have featured here, you will love our fab article on 10 simple ways to make quick money. So always try to reach different ways of making money.



Posted on: 20/08/2021

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