Tips on How to Make Your Own Face Mask

As the world was hit with a global pandemic, now it has changed the way we lived. After the Lockdown restrictions are lifted, people around the world now have to wear face mask when they go out of home to limit the spread of corona-virus. In every part of the world it is compulsory for everyone to wear face mask on public transport and in shops or wherever they are. When COVID-19 started the price of face mask frequently jumped to the skies. Due to that issue, it was necessary that I should tell you about the ways through which you can make your own face mask. Another reason of making your own face mask could be that that the masks are coming from different ways, so there is no surety that the masks are disinfected or not. So to overcome this thought we can make our own mask.
Learning how to make face mask is an easy skill. When you make your own face mask you can sew according to your requirements. Here I will guide you how to make face mask and what is the process of making a face mask:

1. Material to be Used

It is very important that what type of material you should use for making free face masks. There are no as such rules for that and a lot of people are using bandanna material because of its softness and easy to design ability. You can also use cotton or chiffon both are also soft and filter the droplets. While there are some inventive people who are using their bras to make a mask for themselves. You can also use DIY techniques to make a good mask.


2. How should your face mask be?

It is important to know the right size for making face mask because if you won’t then the whole process will be useless. If you got teenagers at home, then it is important to know the right size for them. Using dinner plate, you can take the diameter of circle of cloths. Here is the simple measurement you need:

– For children’s: 8 inches, 20 centimetres
– For teens: 9 inches, 23 centimetres
– For adults: 10 or 11 inches, 25 to 28 centimetres
– You can also take your measurements by your own. So, next cut the length and fold it in half so you can make semi-circle shape that fits your face.


3. Putting all the Materials Together

Here are some of the few steps to put all the materials together according to the right size.

1. Cut down the material in such a way that you could get two halves of the material.
2. Turn both half sides together, the inner side of your material is facing upward.
3. Pin the edges of the material and with a colour full marker you can highlight the sides from where you want to sew. This can make easy to sew.


4. Sewing the face mask

Here are the steps that you need to follow to sew your face mask.

1. Sew the edges that you have marked. Take care to keep the stiches close
2. Leave gap at the end of both sides later it is important.
3. Your mask should be of conical shape when you open it after stitching.
4. Sew all sides and when this is done it should be in shape of standard mask.


5. Preparing the face mask to be Ready to Wear

Now you need to prepare your mask to wear:

Iron the sides so that your material takes all the germs away. Iron your mask properly that it will give you better shape that fit your face. While ironing your face masks, fold it so that it could fit your face. Leave the gaps large so that the rubber bands can easily fit.


6. Applying the Elastic

It is important to attach the elastic or rubber band, so it helps the mask to stay in one place when you wear:

1. Take length of elastic, and then cut it out. For a teenagers 7 inches, for an adults 8 inches and for a children’s 6 inches. You can also take your own measurement.
2. Fit the elastic in the gaps and tie the ends strongly.
3. Roll around your ears and adjust your mask.
It is time to wear your mask. Remember that whenever you go outside wear your mask and cover your mouth and nose completely. You can also wash your mask regularly.


Now you can make your own face mask very cheaply and you can protect yourself and your family from this pandemic. While here are many other videos you can watch for making face mask. There are many different ideas for different skills. But the main thing is that you should have your own mask that you should use to protect yourself. We want you to be safe our their so please read these safety tips.

Posted on: 01/06/2021

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