Tips to Become a Product Tester

It is actually one of the best hobby and a kind of hobby in which you gain what you put in. Mean as much you work, more is the chances for you to get something. So if you have free time and you love to review products then what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity and make more of it.


Did You Know About Product Testing?

Majority of the brands use different kind of product testing companies in order to get loyal feedback about their newly formed products. In this way these brands come to know that what people thinks about their product and should they need to improve it or not.

Brand usually run a scheme or a type of program by which they select the members who are most fitted to their product. Persons which are chosen by the brands then start receiving the products in the post and then start testing the product or reviewing it.

Other ways of doing that may include taking the photos, writing conversation reports, posting on face book, tweeting and also writing blog posts.

If you are the one who likes to try the newest thing or want to make a difference in the consumer market and also want to have more of the freebies and discounts then all you need to do is to look out for those companies and enjoy yourself.


Best Websites for You to Join

This is one of the big and embarrassing question that which sort of specific websites you should join. BzzAgent is one of the most important website and also the simplest one to use.

It got maximum number of participation by giving different kind of ranks to its members, usually begin at solitary bee and end with the lauded title of sweet bee. With the completion of your every target or every activity you are awarded one more honeycomb, which means a step forward to the next level and in this way you can gradually increase your rank.

The past campaigns of BzzAgent are generally focused on beauty product, perfume and makeup.

TRND is also one of the important website and it is newly formed in the UK. It usually facilitate testing campaigns for big companies like Gillette etc… You can submit your report and can have a personal response of it anytime from the ‘trndsters’. TRND give you wombats for your each report and you can also keep tracking them from their specific page named by “mytrnd”. So work hard and make more of the reports to get more of prizes.

Insiders is a network operating across Europe that helps spread the word about a variety of products. Some previous campaigns of Insiders may include beauty products, pet products and more.

Insider testers receive points for completing operations, and these points can be generated and exchanged for cash. This is a real bonus as many legitimate product testing companies do not charge for free products.


Some Other Product Testing Clubs or Companies

A lot of brands have created their own, dedicated product testing institutes. Here are a few examples.

Green – Give yourself a chance to try new fragrant body products for free, ask for lush email and put them on their waiting list.

Schwarzkopf – Most of the people generally post an ad to join their VIP testers club every once in a while, so keep your eyes peeled.

St. Morris VIP – Before St. Morris self-tanning products hit the shelves, try their details first by posting them on their website. You will be subscribed to their mailing list, but will have to wait a while to receive news of free products to test.

If you really are a retailer, find a contact email address and ask them directly if they are running some sort of product testing effort.


Ways to Excel

1) Improve the chances of being accepted in the campaign by responding to as many surveys as possible.

2) Once involved in the campaign, participate as much as you can to show how great you are. This will increase the chances of being accepted in further campaigns.

3) Having your own blog, a Twitter account and as many social sites as possible will provide you with additional ways to participate.

4) Don’t bother accepting seats on projects you don’t like. This will waste your time. Wait until something exciting comes along and you will be happy to include all of you in the project.

5) Be professional: Keep grammar and spelling sin and photos beautiful and clear. Some brands use quotes and images submitted by testers to promote their product.


Always Beware of Scams

If you want to charge a membership fee for a product testing company, think about whether it is worth it. There are many free, reputable companies that do not require you to pay to join one.

Check the company’s privacy policy. If there is a hint that they may share your details with a third party, do not register. You will be bombarded with marketing emails or texts that are unstoppable.

If the proverb is too good to be true, it probably is. Gifts like iPhones and expensive coffee machines indicate that a company is trying to lure people under false pretenses.


Have a Go

Be fast and sign-up to the one of the try product company. Be aware and always remember to answer as many surveys as you can as it is the only way to increase your chances of being offered projects.

Posted on: 16/06/2021

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