Top 7 Cheap Ways to Lose Weight

If you are the one who has a weight more than he want and If you are worrying about your weight and always thinking about ways by which you can lose money then you are not alone. According to a report, a half of the people of England are overweight. Many people spend a lot of money by joining gym and spend a lot of money to hit weight loss goals, also due to the pandemic most gyms are closed.

There are many things you can do cheaply to stay fit, healthy and loss weight. So today I will tell you about some of the top cheap ways that you can use to lost your weight.


1. Make a Plan

Before going to discuss any other thing, the first thing you need to do is to make a plan about how much weight you want to lose or what you want to do with your body. Consider the tips that will motivate you to follow your goals. The important thing is that you should know that which weight is ideal for you and to determine that there are two major ways. You can also assign your body shape with this and the two ways are,

-You can check your body mass index to know your weight in relation to height.

– You can check your waist to hip ratio by dividing waist measurement to hip measurement. Men want a measurement under 0.9 while women are looking for under 0.8.

Other than these two simple methods, you can get advanced scales to find what you do with your extra weight. In some gyms, you can find your BMI index which will indicate your body fat percentage too.

Sometimes you find out that you are underweight but cannot find healthy BMI but sometimes you have a satisfactory weight but you are not happy with the way you look, so at that time you need to follow a customize work plan.


2. Running

Running is the most important part of exercise. Every mile you run can burn up 100 to 200 calories. You can run anywhere you want like paths, parks, beach and more but the only thing you need is a pair of good shoes. There are many shoes shop across our country but you need to find the one which suits your foot type and helps you in running.  You can see runner worlds, decathlon and more where you can find many good deals and get brand shoes that are affordable and of good quality.

Some of the stores will also help you to test the shoes on treadmill where you can find the right type of for you. So go for it and achieve your goal.


3. Visit the Park

Going to park for exercise is fun and very cheap as compared to gym. You can also ask your friends and family for joining. You can easily run, jump or play games that will help you to loss 200 to 300 calories every day.

Here is another option for you that is you can join sport team. See your local newspaper or on internet you get information where you can sign up. This would be more fun and you can enjoy the environment of park while you are achieving your goal. This would also help you socialise and make new friends that will boost your mental health.


4. Swimming

Swimming is best exercise for muscle toning and for fat burning. Swimming in ocean is harder and little bit dangerous if you are not good at swimming but swimming in your local pool is good and safe. You may call your friends for joining you and playing in water is also a good workout. It may cost some pounds but if you are looking to go regularly then you must look to buy their membership as it will save you money.


5. Change Your Diet

The most important part of exercise is eating habit. You do not need fancy food, organic food, fast food to lose weight, keeps it very simple use vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, grain and others to keep your tummy fill.

Instead of meat which is expensive see some affordable sources from where you can get protein. Vegetables and fruits have a lot of nutrition in it with minimum number of calories. Fast food creates big issue to your health so always try to avoid that when you want to lose weight. Regularly eating burgers, pizza, fries can hurt your stomach and all the efforts would be in vain if you will not give importance to your diet. So, the healthier you eat the more you can save.


6. Do Your Housework

You do not need to join gym or buy expensive treadmill for workout. You have 24 hours access to different type of workout for your exercise in the form of your housework which includes cleaning, washing, cooking and more. Just by simply doing all the activities at home, you can keep yourself fit and save all the money that you would be paying to your maid.


7. Work out at work

If your office work requires you to sit on the chair for all day long then this can hurt your efforts of losing weight. So, try to break the norm and get up after every two hour and walk for a few minutes. Always ditch the lift of your office and go for the stairs if you want to keep yourself healthy for cheap. Try to do the leg exercises while you are sitting and the last thing, always take a walk in your lunch break. This will keep you healthy and fit and you will perform well at your job too.

Posted on: 08/04/2021

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