Top 8 Replacements of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is getting popular in the people of UK as a quick fix for their problems. This is relatively an expensive treatment but it also has some side effects too. For some people this is the only and quick solution to the problems but as it has its own drawbacks.  Some time it is hard to ignore the vivid problems of age when you see in the mirror and realize that you have dark circles around your eyes, wrinkles, age spots. There are some other ways through which you can solve these problems so firstly think about them before going under the knife. Today I will tell you about some of the cheap ways through which you can solve these problem. Although they will take time but they would be effective.

Here are some ways that help you to explore cheaper ways instead of expensive surgeries.


1. Face exercise

Face contain about 50 different muscles and unlike rest of the body most of the facial muscles are rarely used. By doing regular exercise promote the blood circulation through your face. The circulation of oxygen in your muscles and skin, result in healthy and glowing skin.

Eva Fraser is the lady who invented facial exercise that puts down the signs of ageing and helps your muscles to be relaxed. When your muscles get older, your cheeks become jowl and flatter. So, instead of going under the knife perform facial exercise that will keep your face looking fit for long time. Regular exercise improves the blood flow through the muscles and supply nutrition to your skin that prevent your face from wrinkles.

Pick up tips from Eva’s website. You can also order book from amazon it costs about 8.99 euros. Here you find few exercises to get you doing. She does not recommend any cream for using but she recommends exercise that remove wrinkles and lines from your face. There are more exercises for dark circles, lines around your mouth and many more. See her websites for more information but it cost a little.

Rosemary Conley is the famous fitness and diet expert who has helped a lot of people. She recommends facial flex ultra. This exercise is for stretching and flexing your muscles. You have to do the exercise only for 2 minutes every day and you will see the result within 5 to 6 weeks. See her website for more exercises and you can get the information for 46.99 euros.

You can also check Carole Maggio’s Facercise website for more exercises for natural facelift. You can join her online classes for some cost also you can see her books on Amazon.


2. Body wraps

Most of us found body wraps they also known as body cocoon. They come in different forms and start with exfoliation of the skin like universal contour wraps. The treatment includes warm mineral clay solution and wrap body with elastic bandages. You have to wait until you start sweating, so that you could get rid from all toxics from your body.

These treatments are expensive and costs about 60 euros. Different salons have different courses for months. Some salons including the New Image and Universal Contour Wrap have provide guaranteed results for their treatments. If you follow their all instructions but still do not loss inches, they will return your fee.

If you try this at your home, then it is a little bit cheaper as compared to salons. So you can do that to save money. There is not any miracle solution to lose your weight. For reshaping your body, you can use contour wraps but they won’t help you to get rid of body fat.


3. Exercise

Instead of having surgeries (tummy tuck), why not you start doing exercise. You can join gym and by spending only about 200 to 300 euros, you can avoid the tummy tuck. The cost of the gym is much cheaper than the cost of the surgery and healthier too. So by exercising, you can easily lose your weight and it is good for your muscles tone.

If you do not want a gym, then 20 minutes of running in park or paths can lose your weight and burn 100 calories per day. You can also see free online courses on the internet to lose weight. If you want to see the results that you want then try to make a plan for your workout and follow a strict diet plan. Eating healthy is not expensive so make a chart for your diet and stick to it to get the results that you want.


4. Waxing, Plucking and Threading

If you are looking for a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that will bring out the best version of yourself then go for waxing, plucking and threading because a simple procedure of these activities can help you look younger than you are. All of these activities cost less than a tenner in the country, so that means it is a much cheaper option than going for a cosmetic surgery.


5. Use of Makeup and Moisturisers

Exposure of your skin to direct sunlight without a protections is one of the most common reason of bad skin in the country. As the country is blessed with a cold weather so it is difficult to protect the skin in that and I have always recommended the use of moisturising cream to protect the skin.

See boots website for finding moisturising cream that protect your skin like Botanic Pore-Perfecting Lotion for only 4.59 euros, or the Neutrogena Daily for 7.65 euros.


6. Your Outfit

You look different when you wear a dress according to your body shape. It is a good idea to know about the colour that suits your skin tone and the type of .dress that suits you. Many women do not have the idea what kind of dressing they need and what is the size of bra they need and this can lead to back pain and poor posture. So to look perfect check out free bra size service to make sure you wear right size or not and also try to wear the dress that suits your body shape and colour.


7. Confidence

Sometimes, with your confidence you can impress the other person. Confidence is a big factor that help people to portray there positive and effective picture. There are many things that you can do to improve your posture and this can help you to portray a better picture of yourself.

A program called as Alexander technique teaches people how to improve posture and movements as well as treatment for back and neck pain. This session price range between 25 to 70 euros. If you want to learn at your home than it is available at Amazon.


8. Still want to go under the knife

If these alternative surgeries do not help you to make enough change then you may go for right one. But remember that cosmetic surgery is expensive. If someone is offering liposuction at a good price, then go for it.


Posted on: 30/07/2021

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